Selecting Comfortable Dog Clothes for Your Pet  

The decision to dress your pet up in fun outfits is a great way to play with your pet. The challenge is finding comfortable clothing that your pet will enjoy. Since clothing and styles for your pet will have different options, you want to have a few ideas about the best way to make your pet feel comfortable when you pick out an outfit for his or her day.

Find Out Your Pet’s Size

The first step of picking out dog clothes that fit your pet is through proper sizing. Before you buy any clothing for your dog, groom him or her. Grooming ensures that your pet’s fur is not getting in the way of proper measurements. After you have finished with grooming your pet, use a measuring tape to measure your dog’s back. Measure from the collar to the base of the tail for a female dog. If you are measuring a male dog, then cut the measurement short to provide space at the bottom of the outfit. You can use the same collar to tail measurement for specialized clothing designed for male dogs with a cut-out on the bottom, but you want to make sure you have a clear idea of your pet’s measurements before you buy an outfit.

Consider Safety

Pay attention to any safety concerns. Avoid dog clothes with buttons, loose threads, or designs that leave portions of the outfit in the way of your pet’s feet. You do not want your dog to trip over the outfit or to choke on a button. You also want to avoid any outfits with zippers, since the zipper may catch in your pet’s fur and cause pain and injuries.

If you have concerns about the safety of an outfit, then avoid the outfit. Your pet does not need the added stress of choking hazards or fumbling over an outfit that is too large. Make sure you pick out clothing that will allow your dog to move easily.

Look Into Materials

While a sweater or a jacket is a good choice to help your dog stay warm during the winter months, you want to be careful when selecting materials for the outfit. Some materials, like wool, are itchy and may cause irritation to your dog’s skin. You also want to make sure your dog does not have any skin allergies, since certain materials may cause an allergic reaction in some pets.

If you are not sure about skin allergies, then talk to your veterinarian about the potential problem. Your vet can test your pet for allergies and make sure that you are not getting any materials that may cause irritation. If you are not certain about a material, then opt for materials like cotton that have a low risk of irritation and discomfort.

Dog clothes are a fun way to enjoy time with your pet. The key is making sure that you pick out clothing that is safe and comfortable for your pet. By measuring your pet to ensure that you get the right size and focusing on safe materials, you will find outfits that fit your pet’s personality, style, and comfort level.




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