What is a Reverse Sneeze And How To Stop It

What is a Reverse Sneeze And How To Stop It

What is Reverse Sneeze and what you can do to help your dog?  Many people think it is a seizure that their dog is going through but it is not.  In fact, it is quite common for a dog to have a reverse sneeze.

Many people do not know or have never heard of a reverse sneeze.  I am here to tell you that is quite common for your dog to reverse sneeze.  SoundsMolly strange, right?  Well, up until recently I had no idea what it was.  I am so glad I do now as it is nothing to be concerned about.  That is why I did a video of my dog having a reverse sneeze.

What is a reverse sneeze?   My dog Molly had one this morning and I knew what it was because a few of my pet sitting clients have dogs that do this   Below is a video of Molly having a reverse sneeze.

How do I get my dog to stop reverse sneezing?

DRAdam Christman shows in the video below how to stop the reverse sneeze.

Reverse sneezing itself rarely requires treatment. If the sneezing stops, the spasm is over. Oftentimes, you can massage the dog’s throat to stop the spasm; sometimes it’s effective to cover one or both of the nostrils, which makes the dog swallow, which clears out whatever the irritation is and stops the sneezing.

Click the video below to hear Dr. Karen Becker from HealthyPets.Mercola.com.


So no need to worry but if this is something that your dog is doing A LOT then maybe they have allergies and need to be seen by the vet.  Feel free to talk more to your vet about reverse sneezing.



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