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I am going to share with you a story from I new client that I met today.  My newest client that I met today told me that the last time her and her husband went on vacation she put her cat in a kennel.  She had done it many times before.  When she went to pick the cat up after they returned she brought the cat home and realized  that he was not acting right and was not using the litter box.  She waited a day or two and then scheduled a visit with her veterinarian.  The results were not what she want or expect to hear.  Her big beautiful kitty had crystals.

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Love and Kisses Pet Sitting here for all your cat sitting needs

Put in its simplest terms, cats that are straining to urinate are usually suffering from cystitis, inflammation of the urinary bladder. Cats with inflamed bladders, regardless of the cause of the inflammation, feel the urge to urinate as a result of irritation. They try to relieve that irritation by urinating frequently,often outside of the litter box. Because they urinate so frequently, the bladder remains almost empty. Therefore the cat urinates only a few drops at a time. If the urethra, the tube leading from the bladder to the outside of the cat, becomes completely blocked, the straining cat will not urinate at all.

Back in the day, cat crystals were actually thought to be caused by food, in particular the ash level; but current research now suggests that environmental stress may be the primary cause. Pets that are overweight and lacking in exercise are also at risk.  The veterinarian told her that this issue was most likely caused by stress.

After all the boarding and veterinary bills, medication and stress for the client and her cat, she vows to never board her cat again.  She spend 2 times more than she would have if she hired a professional pet sitter in the first place.  She now has a new pet sitter called Love and Kisses Pet Sitting. 

With that said, Love and Kisses Pet Sitting is here for all your cat sitting needs.  We do require at least one visit to feed, water and clean the litter box of your precious feline.  Please give us a call to schedule your free meet and greet at 704-763-9857 or use the button below to schedule.

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  1. Fur Everywhere

    It’s definitely less stressful for cats to stay in their homes rather than in kennels or boarding when their owners are away.

  2. Kia

    Aw, poor thing. I could see how being in a new environment can be quite stressful for a pet. In that case, a pet sitter is definitely best 🙂

  3. Jen

    It’s so sad to think about how stressed out our pets can get when we leave them in kennels. Glad to know there’s some great pet sitting services out there to give them the attention they deserve.

  4. Susan and the gang from Life with Dogs and Cats

    Cats’ health can really be affected by stress. I would not want to board my kitties; it would be really uncomfortable for them.

    –Purrs (and wags) from Life with Dogs and Cats

  5. dawn rae

    So far, my pets have always either stayed home with a roommate or traveled with me. This fall, I have a trip coming up and will probably need some sort of arrangements. I’m leaning toward a pet sitter. I hadn’t thought of cats being so stressed just from going to the kennel! Good thing for me to think about.

  6. MyDogLikes

    I hope that your kitty friend is on the mend soon! <3

  7. Connie

    stress isn’t the only factor, species inappropriate foods are also a contributing factor for those cats who are prone to crystals. I’m sorry the kitty suffered, and am glad the owners are considering his stress levels when they travel in the future


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