Reasons Why You Should Hire A Cat Sitter

Reasons Why You Should Hire A Cat Sitter

 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Cat Sitter

Cats do not adapt well to new people or places. Cats usually do not like being left behind when you leave for a trip. Even a well-trained cat can get angry that you left, and express its anger in many ways, such as scratching furniture or failing to use its litter box as it was trained to do. If your cat is allowed to stay outside, it may express its anger by running off and taking up with another household. Cats have minds of their own.

They seldom warm up to people instantly

If you want your cat to be around your home while you’re gone, then it is important to hire a pet sitter that your cat knows. Start looking into hiring a cat sitter to come to your home at least once a day to feed and clean the cat’s litter box and to give your cat some attention. If you call Cat Sitteron a stranger to sit with your cat, you may be in for some unpleasant surprises, no matter how clean, devoted, and trustworthy the friend or neighbor may be. Your best bet is to hire a true professional pet sitter for your cat.   If you take your cat to a friend’s house to stay while you are on your trip, the cat may slip out of your friend’s house and run away as cats do not like unfamiliar surroundings.

Cats do not like strange situations

Cats like people they know and people who pet them and play with them. They like people who keep their litter boxes clean and who feed them fresh food and give them fresh water. Automatic feeders and automatic water machines do not fool cats. Cats want it clean.
Whether you decide to have a cat sitter come to your home or whether you choose to board your cat somewhere else, it is important to get a copy of a “Cat Sitting Agreement” form which your professional pet sitter will have for you.  Cat sitting is a contract, even with a friend. The form will guide you through the important matters to cover when you meet with a cat sitter. A quality way at a reasonable price is well worth the cost. Some kennels will have a form but it may not cover all of the matters important to you and would not be from the cat owner’s point of view.

What to expect

Meet with the cat sitter and discuss such matters as the maintenance of the litter box, the food, water, and medications for your cat, the cat’s habits, what the cat sitter charges and what the sitter will do for those charges.
Then you and the cat sitter should fill out the form for the cat sitting contract. You can provide in the contract, such information as the cat’s veterinarian and all the important information pertaining to your cat and your home.  Be sure to hire a cat sitter that has been in business for some time and also carries insurance.  This is a very important matter as the sitter is coming in your home and caring for your cat.  A true cat sitter will take more about all  these things as well.

If you live in the Indian Trail NC area or any parts of Union Co. Call upon Love and Kisses Pet Sitting to come and cat sit for you.  They have been in business since 2006 and have many references.

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