Reasons Your Dog Needs Pet Sitting when You Travel

Pet Sitting

Reasons Your Dog Needs Pet Sitting when You Travel

Reasons Your Dog Needs Pet Sitting when You Travel
Pet sitting can be generally divided into two types: you will have the pet sitter who comes to your house at specified times in order to feed your dog, to take it out for potty breaks and for some much-needed exercise. The second category consists of the pet sitter who will do all that and will also live in your house so your dog has a constant companion, at least during night.

Pricing for these two services can vary but usually, match the ones for basic boarding. When your dog is in its own space, amenities are not necessary for any stress relief. Of course, your dog can show stress when you are away traveling, but it usually reduced because he is still in his own home. Having a pet sitter offers you also someone who protects your home while being away.

Live in pet sitter
Live in sitters could also care for plants, bring in your mail, take your trash out on pick up day. This is a great service as the pet sitter is caring for notPet Sitter only your pet but your house as well.  The pet sitter will also spot  health problems much sooner so they can make sure your dog will be treated if necessary by a veterinarian. Although your dog could stay at a boarding facility when you travel, for sure it prefers to stay at home. So having a person you trust to take care of your dog has some advantages, both for you and for your four-legged friend.

What will my pet sitter do?
The pet sitter is the one who either stays at your home or visits in order to look after your dog while you travel. It can be that the pet sitter will simply come by a couple of times a day to fill the water, take the dog for a walk, and feed your dog daily. Or the pet sitter lives in your house while you are traveling, providing also the ongoing company to your dog and giving him lots of love and attention.

Are Dog’s Happier at home?
Some dogs get anxious when being removed from their familiar space. They are happier at home, adapting better than to be in  the new environment of a boarding kennel.Our dogs are really a creature of habit, so routinely is paramount important. A pet sitter simply offers that service and keeps your pet’s routines, therefore causing minimal stress and disruption.

Your Dog home safe
When you know your dog is at home, safely and looked after, you have peace of mind so you are able to enjoy and relax during your traveling.
Just having the pet sitter is also offering you security for your house, because as already mentioned they can take care of the garden, or bring in mail, or take phone messages. Most pet sitters can provide to you either references or police checks.
Many times boarding costs more than your travel, and when you use a pet sitter you can negotiate the price and the conditions so that it will benefit both parts and will offer you the necessary mental relaxation before going away on your travel. And to round it up, by having a pet sitter you blend personal touch with professional care and offer your four-legged friend the comfort, and care and the company it really needs.

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