Do Not Give Your Dog Rawhide Treats


Rawhide Dog Treats

Rawhide Dog Treats Will Make Your Dog Sick

I want to warn you about  dog Treats made of the Rawhide that is so toxic.  I have seen my pet sitting clients give these to their pets and I tell them all the time to look out for their pet’s health when they give them.   Vomiting and diarrhea are very common if your give  rawhide chews to your dog.   Rawhide is a horrible treat to begin with, but then they add chicken jerky, sugar, and dye it just makes them that much worse for them.  I remember a long time ago,  before I knew any better, I used to give these to my dog and they would get diarrhea every time and I never thought that it was the treat doing it.  You would think I could have figured out the connection.

 Many clients with pets that have chronic diarrhea or bloody stools also do not make the connection. Please do not feed rawhide (cowhide that is chemically treated and processed), especially products from foreign countries that don’t care if a product is toxic.

Do your research before you give your pets any treats.  Read labels and think of their health before you give them just any treats.

You will only end up spending the money that you saved buying these cheap treats at the veterinary office.  So, spend the extra and buy better treats for your beloved fur pal.

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