Rainy Day Activities for Your Dog

It’s pouring rain outside, but your dog still wants to run all around the house… What do you do? Toss those worries aside because there are plenty of exciting activities to keep your pup entertained when the weather is bad.


A large percentage of pet owners actually keep their dogs indoors all day long, regardless of the weather. You’ll find a multitude of energizing bits of fun, so don’t worry about the dogs getting bored. It’s all about timing, craftiness, and how much you can interact with them on those overcast, rainy days.


Food & Treat Games

It’s no secret that dogs are, for the most part, absolutely obsessed with food. Even if it’s not for them, they’ll be waiting for their fair share of the scraps. Take their love of delicious treats and other foods and turn it into a game!


A great way to do this is to put peanut butter into a hollowed-out ball. They’ll chase it around all day, even if they’ve got it all out. Their keen sense of smell tells them that there’s still a little bit left, so they won’t stop going at it.


If you don’t have a ball that you could fill up, try hiding treats around the house in special places. Again, their sense of smell will kick in and they’ll have themselves a nice game of hide and seek until they locate all the treats.


There are treat-stuffer toys on the market as well. Much like a cat’s feeder, these toys are like a little maze with food inside. It’ll take them quite a while to get it all out, but they’ll love every second of it.


Get Their Energy Out!

When you’re dealing with an energized dog, there’s nothing quite better than getting them moving. Certain breeds (and pretty much all puppies) require much more physical exercise than others. Don’t fret, you can still create an environment where they’ll thrive on a rainy day.


If you have a set of stairs, you’re in luck. Hold a ball, a treat, or some other type of reward at the top of the stairs and have them chase it. A fantastic alternative is to have one person at the top, and another at the bottom. Toss the ball back and forth, sort of like a staircase monkey in the middle. If you don’t have stairs, try a hallway or open room. Monkey in the middle, or even fetch inside is a great way to entertain dogs on a rainy day.


Alternatively, you could make an obstacle/agility course. Use this time to teach them new tricks or how to navigate through tough situations. Always reward your dog with love and encouraging words.


Keep Your Dog Entertained Rain or Shine

Rainy days shouldn’t make your dog have a boring day. With these newfound tips, you can help them turn it into an interesting, exciting adventure that they’ll look forward to. All you need is a few handy treats and the right mindset and you can turn any indoor setup into an engaging maze, an endless game of fetch, or an all-day game of hide-and-seek. Remember, rainy days aren’t setbacks, they’re a unique way to grow the endless bond between you and your dog.

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