Love and Kisses Pet Sitting is Happy to Offer a New Service That is In High Demand

“Introducing The Quick Relief Visit”

potty breakLove and Kisses Pet Sitting is happy to offer a new service “The Quick Relief Visit” to our list of services.  This service is great for those with older dogs that just need a quick potty break, NO WALK.  Just potty outside and then back in the house.  Only 2 dogs per household.  If you have more than 2 dogs you must book a regular 30 min visit.

It’s a great service for puppies that may need more than 1 visit a day and it’s a great service for older dogs who can’t do longer walks but need to get out during the day to potty or that “can’t hold it” all day  It makes it more affordable to you and a great relief to your pet.


This package is also only available to the Sun Valley area at the moment.  It may become available to other neighborhoods in the future so be sure to check back often. Neighborhoods include but are not limited to Taylor Glenn, Shilo Trace,Sheridan, Brandon Oaks, Brooke Valley Holly Park.  Again this is only for a quick let out potty break that will just give relief to your dog.  Having a fenced in yard will help but not required.  This package is in high demand, so if this is something you think could benefit you and your pet then feel free to call for more information 704-763-9857

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting is a professional pet sitting business that has been in business since 2006.  Please contact us for any pet sitting needs you may have.  We look forward to helping you with your pets.

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