Puppy Training Tips


Puppy Training Tips

It brings a great joy to the family, having your new puppy running around the house and playing with everyone it comes across. Puppies make excellent companions and are always fun to have around. They share lots of love and accept kisses from virtually everyone. However, before your bring your new puppy that is going to be your new family member into your home, and in order to enjoy the best of the moment with your puppy, there are a few puppy training tips you would want to adopt. Although, there are many methods, tips and techniques, but we are just going to consider a few ones.

One of the most effective puppy training tips is to be patient. Patience is required for you to successfully train and housebreak your puppy. Dogs are the kind of pet that always wants to please their owners. They are very sensitive enough to know if their owner is happy or angry with them.

Puppy Training Tips from your Indian Trail Pet Sitter

Puppy Training Tips

During their training, if they sense that their owner is angry, it will distract them, causing a hindrance to the training process, therefore taking a longer time to accomplish. The only way to ensure success with them is to stay calm, be persistent and exercise a lot of patience.

Another one of the basic puppy training tips is to understand the behavior of your puppy. Pay close attention to details regarding the actions and behavioral patterns of your puppy, like its reaction to other people, animals and objects around. Initially, your puppy may not be in its expected or best behavior if it has just been separated from its family. Having this in mind and understanding your puppy first, will help you a lot as you first spend some time to nurture and show your puppy some love.

Next on the list of puppy training tips is housebreaking or potty training. After establishing the behavioral pattern of the puppy, your next focus should be on making an effective schedule for you and your puppy. This should include setting times for feeding, taking your puppy to the preferred place to potty (litter box or a chosen place at the backyard/garden), learning to take walks on its own and also, play time.

When you take your puppy to the chosen place to potty, do it on schedule and try as much as possible to keep up with the set time. This is a very important part of the puppy training tips that shouldn’t be ignored. The earlier and often you do this, the better your puppy will understand that your carpet is not the appropriate spot for it to potty.

Another important part of the puppy training tips is keeping their training session short. Dogs are easily distracted by various forms of distractions ranging from their owners to other dogs. Keep the training session to as short as fifteen minutes, and focus on one command at a time. This will help your puppy learn much faster than spending a longer time. Once you puppy masters a particular command move on to another and keep each command lesson at fifteen minutes or less. The overall training session should not exceed one hour, but can involve learning different commands.

There are numerous puppy training tips, but these are just a few ones. A puppy that is coming into a whole new environment will never know what and what not to do if you do not spend some time to train it. These puppy training tips does not only come with a lot of fun, but also helps to develop a stronger bond between you and your pet. As a responsible dog owner, it is very important that you train your puppy with love, and never resort to physical punishment.



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