It’s National Professional Pet Sitters Week – March 2nd to March 8th


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It’s National Professional Pet Sitters Week – March 2nd to March 8th

National Professional Pet Sitters Week will be celebrated March 2-8, 2003.  The week-long event is intended to recognize the contributions of professional pet sitters everywhere and thank them for their hard work and dedication during the past year.

Pet sitting has become an important service industry. It provides pet owners the ability to leave home on business or vacation and entrust the care of their pets to professional animal caregivers. Many pet sitters put in long hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year to provide in-home care for thousands of pets of all kinds.

For pet owners, in-home pet sitting provides a unique alternative to boarding facilities – or relying on family or neighbors to check on pets. Pet sitters come to the home daily and animals are able to keep their regular routines of feeding, walks, medication and one-on-one care and attention. Many owners report that their pets experience less stress and adjust better to their owners’ absence when they can remain in their normal environment. Most pet sitters also offer the bonus of home security measures by bringing in mail and newspapers, rotating lighted areas, opening and closing draperies, and other touches that make the house appear occupied while the owner is away.

National Professional Pet Sitters Week is the perfect time for those pet owners to send cards, flowers, or gifts to their favorite professional pet sitters for all they do caring for your pets and giving you peace of mind.

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