Pricing & Fees

Pricing and Fees

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting and Dog Walking is South Charlotte’s #1 pet sitting company.  Caring for your pets is our main priority.  We will provide customized care to meet the needs of you and your pet(s).  We take pride in how our service is set up with each pet’s specific needs as our first priority.  Let us pamper your pet while you work, travel, or work longer hours!

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Daily Schedule (on-going)

Some clients need this service every day, Monday through Friday, while others only need certain days during the week. These are 30-minute visits.

$23 per visit for 3 or more days per week (ongoing schedule)
$25 a visit if you use our service less than 3 days a week (ongoing schedule)

**NOTE:  There are no cancellation fees for our DAILY DOG WALKING CLIENTS if you cancel before 8:00 AM the day of your visit. That is one of the benefits of being on our daily schedule.  We understand things happen and last-minute things come up!!


Vacation Pet Sitting

If you are going out of town on vacation or business travel for any extended time frame and want your pet(s) to stay in the comfort of their own home and receive care several times a day. We offer vacation care for dogs, cats, birds and almost all domestic animals. Visits are available from 1-4 times a day, depending on your pet(s) and their needs. We customize a schedule to meet your pet(s) needs. 

Example: 30 minute AM visit, 15 minute midday visit, 30 minute PM visit and 15 minute quick potty before bed; for a total of 4 visits. 

FOR DOGS: Must have at least 2 visits per day on full day Vacation care. Example: if you leave midday on the first day, it is ok to have only one visit that evening for your dog, but the following day(s) would need to have at least 2 visits per day. 

15 Minutes Visit Includes:

$23 per visit

  • For Cats Quick food and a water refill/refresh, cleaning of litter box, and a text to the client.

*Note: This visit DOES NOT include medications or feeding of multiple pets’ & multiple litter box cleanings, OR time to find hidden cats, clean pet messes, etc. 

  • For Dogs – 15 minutes includes a quick potty break in your yard, fresh water, treat, text to the client.

*Note: This visit DOES NOT include feeding, medication, leash walking, cleaning pet messes or care for any other small pets.

**Please note: 30 minutes is the recommended visit length for most pet sitting visits.

      30 Minute Visit Includes

      $25 per visit (1-2 pets)

      $35 per visit (3+ pets)

      • For Cats –This visit includes feeding, water, litter box cleaning, playtime and/or snuggle time and medications (if needed.)
      • For Dogs –This visit includes feeding, water, walking, playtime and/or snuggle time and medications (if needed.)
      Other Visits
      • 45 mins – $36 pet visit
      • 60 mins – $48 per visit

       Please be aware the sitters cannot spend longer than the pre-scheduled time at your home as they have other pets to care for.

      The "Quick Relief Visit"

      This service is great for those with older dogs that just need a quick potty break and cannot do long walks. It’s a great service for puppies that may need several visits per day. *NO WALKS ON QUICK RELIEF VISITS, these are strictly for potty purposes.*

      The 15-minute quick relief visit:

      $23 per visit

      *If you have more than 2 dogs you must book a regular 30 min visit, no quick relief visits.*

      Overnight Pet Sitting

      from 9 pm to 7 am 

      This is a very popular service and books quickly.  We recommend making plans ASAP to secure the pet care professional’s availability.

      Does your pet enjoy having someone to cuddle with at night? Want the peace of mind knowing someone is with your fur baby? Overnights are your perfect service! This is a customized service schedule for overnight care. The pet sitter will stay overnight in your home during the hours of 9pm-7am, so that your pet feels just like their family is still around. Your pets will receive their dinner, breakfast  and all other services provided in our day time pet sitting visits, such as medication and potty breaks. Adding additional daytime visits is also an optional add on to this service, especially for dogs who may need a midday potty break. We can customize the schedule to meet your pets’ specific needs.  

      $165 per overnight

      Live-In Pet Sitting

      This pet package is the ultimate in pet pampering, because your furry loved ones deserve the best! Our professional pet sitter will live in your home during your time away. This includes overnight and love and care during the day. Our sitter will be at your home the majority of the day, leaving briefly, if needed, for personal needs, meals, etc, ensuring your beloved pet(s) get around the clock love and attention.

      This package is great for the following:

      • Senior dogs or cats
      • Special needs pets
      • Puppies and kittens
      • Pets that suffer from separation anxiety
      • Households with multiple pets

      $280 per day

      Home Checks (no pets)

      If you do not have any pets or your pets will not be home, Love and Kisses Pet Sitting can come to pick up your mail, water your plants, check the overall security of your home, etc. House Checks are generally 15 minutes or less. For those that may take longer, we will adjust the rate accordingly.  

      Please call for pricing 704-763-9857


      Farm Animal Services:

      Do you have chickens, goats, pigs, llamas, etc…? Our professional pet sitters will feed, water and care for your farm animals as our own. You tell us what their routines are and we are happy to provide support while you are away for whatever reason!

      Customized pricing based on the number of animals and length of visits.  Please call for pricing 704-763-9857


      Concierge Services

      Love and Kisses Pet Sitting is dedicated to making your life less stressful, which is why we offer a variety of concierge services. We can all use a helping hand in this busy world we all live in!

      • Nail Trim & Ear Cleaning | $40 You do not have to load up your car with your pets to take them to get their nails cut and ears cleaned any longer! We come to you!
      • Litter Box Cleaning & Sanitizing |$25
      • Toy Washing & Sanitizing | $15 Hard chew toys are soaked in a solution of 50% hot water and 50% vinegar. They are then scrubbed to remove any stubborn debris.


      Pet Nail Clipping– $35

      Additional pet $25

      Ongoing Once a Month Nail Clipping $30

      ADD ONS

      Paw Pad Shaving $25

      Face grooming $25

      Anal Glands expression $25

      Package Bundle

      Nail grinding, Paw Pads Shaved, Ears Cleaned $65

      Call us for more information: 704-763-9857

      We do NOT charge extra for:

      • Tender love and care 
      • Medication administration
      • Special needs pets
      • Daily picture/text updates
      • Online scheduling/profile system
      • Brushing your dog or cat
      • Extra attention and playtime
      • Watering your plants
      • Bringing in your mail, packages and newspapers
      • Initial Consultation
      • Pet accidents and clean-up


      Pricing and Fees - Love and Kisses Pet Sitting

      Indian Trail pet sitter Pricing and Fees 

      Hours of Operation for pet sitting and dog walking is 365 days a year, from 7AM to 9PM.

      Holiday Fees

      A flat rate of $25 per day (which goes directly to the sitter)will be added for the holidays listed below:

      • New Year’s Eve
      • New Year’s Day
      • Christmas Eve
      • Christmas Day
      • Easter Sunday
      • Memorial Day
      • 4th of July
      • Labor Day
      • Thanksgiving Day
      • The day after Thanksgiving aka: “Black Friday”

      Please note: Gratuities are not included, but are always appreciated by our pet sitting staff!

      Last minute booking charge (within 24 hrs)

      $35 fee will be added to your invoice

      Client Lockout

      You can come to pick up your key if you are locked out of your home during business hours; however, if you need someone to bring your key to you the cost is $35.00


      Cancellation Policy – Once services are confirmed, we dedicate time to you and do not overbook. We understand your plans may change and we do not charge for cancellations with adequate notice. However, if you cancel 48 hours or less prior to the scheduled service date, you will be required to pay for the pet sitting visits

      Early Returns

      Love and Kisses Pet Sitting, LLC  carefully schedules our time to serve you and our other clients. Therefore, there are no refunds or credits for early returns or last-minute changes to pet care. Once pet care begins, payment is due for the original dates scheduled.


      We do get this question often so I will answer it here If you are provided with great service feel free to tip your sitter. Our pet sitters do appreciate a tip however it isn’t necessary. You may leave cash or contact your pet sitter for their VENMO account to transfer the gratuity. Most find this the easiest way.  100% of the tip goes to your pet sitter.

      Additional Services and Rates


      • Initial Meet & Greet | FREE!
      • Additional Meet & Greet Services | $23
      • Late Booking Charge (Less than 48 hours notice) | $35
      • Holiday Service | $25 | Services offered on the following holidays will have $25 added to your final bill:
        • New Year’s Eve and New Years Day, January 1st and 2nd
        • Easter
        • Memorial Day, last Monday in May
        • Independence Day, 4th of July
        • Labor Day, 1st Monday in September
        • Thanksgiving Day, and the day after
        • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day



      Hours of Operation for pet sitting and dog walking 365 days a year, 24 hours a day

      Office Hours/Administrative Hours

      24/7 online scheduling at

      Business OFFICE hours are:
      Mon-Fri 8am-5pm to take your calls
      Sat & Sun 8am-1pm.
      If no answer please leave a message and we will call you back ASAP as we are always checking our messages.

      Excellent Service, Peace of Mind, Reliability, and Professionalism!!! 

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