3 Top Poisonous Holiday Plants for Your Pet.

Poisonous Holiday Plants



The  holiday poinsettia is not something you would want to chew on or put on your plate, and it  is not particularly dangerous if your pet should happen to eat this plant it will not kill him but it may make him vomit or have an upset tummy. .


Mistletoe  Eating 1-2 berries probably will not cause a problem for a child, but a small pet could be endangered by eating a few leaves or berries. If your child or pet eats mistletoe, it’s a good idea to seek medical advice.



Eating holly berries is a very serious concern for  pets. Though the berries are the part that is most commonly eaten, the bark, leaves, and seeds are toxic.  Interestingly enough, it is  THEOBROINE an alkaloid that is related to caffeine. Theobromine is FOUND IN CHOCOLATE  and is toxic to dogs even at the lower concentration, but there is much more of the compound in the holly berries.

Stay Safe – Watch Your Plants and Your Pets
Monitor your pet’s interest in the plants. To be 100% safe, do not bring toxic live plants into your home. If unsure about a plant, check with your veterinarian.  Monitor your pet’s interest in eating plants, and place plants out of reach. Check the plants for any signs of chewing or missing leaves.




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