Why is It SO Hard To Pick Up After Your Dog? Lets All Pick Up The Poop!!

pick up after your dog

No dog poop sign

Why is It SO Hard To Pick Up After Your Dog? Lets All Pick Up The Poop!!

For some reason, people are not picking up after their pet and every day it’s getting more & more filled with POOP around the neighbor’s I walk dogs in. It is everywhere.

As a professional dog walker here is Indian Trail NC, I walk a lot of dogs.  The one thing that really bothers me is when I see dog poop EVERYWHERE!!!  I just do not understand why people who have dogs do not pick up after their dog’s poop.  It is just a simple thing to do.  Get out your handy little poop bag and pick up your dog’s poop, then throw it out!!!!  They even have dog poop stations all over now and they supply the bag

pick up after your dog

A woman is throwing away the poo of her dog

for you.  Why is that so hard to do?

Let’s start with something simple like sanitation. First, it’s simply good manners to scoop up after your dog does her business. It’s gross to walk around your neighbor and there is poop everywhere and worse, it’s really bad for your dog and children. There are a lot of diseases and parasites living in dog waste that other dogs can contract when they touch, roll in, or eat it. Unpleasant on all counts. Your pet can bring these diseases home to your family too. No one likes to step in pet waste and spread it into homes or cars.
So let’s avoid the spread of disease and follow this simple rule of etiquette. Let’s all work together by keeping our neighborhood clean.
After all, we all have to live here so let’s keep it clean!!!!
One of my fellow pet sitter business owners Kelley Stewart the owner of Sit Stay Play in Indianapolis wrote a great blog about picking up after your pet.  click HERE to read




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