What You Should Do If Your Pets Gets Heartworm

What You Should Do If Your Pets Gets Heartworm 

Pets normally get infections at one time or another. They should be treated as soon as possible so that they do not succumb as a result of those infections. Parasites can cause serious illness in dogs and cats. Some of those parasites include heartworms, ringworms and so on. Heartworms are even more dangerous. In dogs, these parasites normally live on the right side of the heart and can block blood vessels. In cats, these worms canHeartworm actually spread to the eyes and even to the brain. This is the reason why you should ensure you give your pet an excellent heartworm protection.

In the past, heartworm was thought to be a parasite that can only affect animals in hot and humid climates. However, these parasites are now spread in all climate zones. If your pet gets heartworm, you should do the following:

1. Give your pet pills that prevent heartworm.

If your pet has heartworm, you should give it pills that prevent heartworm. You can opt to give these pills to your pet daily or monthly. This will go a long way in preventing this parasite from spreading.

2. Inject your pet with heartworm control medications.

This is another option of preventing these parasites from spreading. You should ensure that you inject your pet with heartworm control medications once in a while. These dosages are greater and they can protect your pet for six months. This option is more convenient for busy dog owners.

3. Ensure that your pet gets topically applied heartworm control medications.

Topically applied heartworm control medications have recently been released in the market. They are normally effective. It is important that you choose the right medication for your pet. This will help it a great deal. Check with you vet to find out what is best for your pet.

Before choosing an oral or injection treatment, you have to take into account the fact that the administration of some products can only be done by veterinarians. This is done for safety purposes. In addition, it also guarantees that the animal is appropriately treated. If you choose such a medication, you will have to arrange regular appointments with your vets. You have a responsibility to your pet. Those are some of the things you should do if your pet gets heartworm.



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