Pet Sitting vs Pet Boarding – Which One Should You Choose for Your Dog

If you are a veteran pet parent, you already know that it takes a lot of careful planning before leaving for a vacation. While a lot of pet parents choose to travel with their pets and book pet-friendly hotels, it’s not a practical option for all types of travel destination. If you are going on an international tour or any place that has limited or no pet-friendly accommodations, then leaving your pet back home is the sensible choice.  

That brings us to the topic of our post, pet sitting or pet boarding. 

For someone who is uninitiated, pet boarding is a kennel service. These are facilities that house several pets in one location, and they have staff members who take care of grooming, feeding, walking and other activities. 

Much like babysitting, pet sitting is when someone comes to your home and stays with the pet when you are not around. Some pet sitting services also offer to relocate the pet to another home environment, where it’s not going to be cooped up with other dogs. 

The quality of care your pet receives during your absence can determine the fate of your vacation. Leaving your dog in a poor facility or at the care of an amateur may leave you worried or panicked throughout your vacation. 

Therefore, no matter what you choose, pet boarding or sitting, make sure you hire a professional firm or individual. Make sure the person caring for your pet knows all the dog care tips and tricks in the book to keep your furry family member happy, healthy, and safe. 


How Does Pet Sitting Work When You Are on a Vacation? 

While all pet parents know how kennels work, a lot of them don’t realize that pet sitting can also be an option when going on a long vacation. 

Once appointed, the pet sitter will come in to check on your pet from time to time. Each of these visits is usually 30 minutes long and can even be longer. Pet sitters can visit your home as many as 4 times in a day and create an environment, so your pet is relaxed and comfortable before bedtime.

During this time the sitter not only gives your pet the attention and love it needs, he or she also cleans up any mess, administer medication (if needed), and takes the dog out for a walk. Pet sitters also provide grooming services, by brushing your pet’s teeth with doggie toothpaste and brushing its coat.


Advantages of Pet Boarding

Dogs that love to interact with other dogs, usually do well in pet boarding. Mainly because a lot of these facilities have huge lawn areas, that provide a safe space for the pets to roam around freely. The key advantage of pet boarding is that these facilities usually have the infrastructure and specialized staff members to deal with emergencies. Some pet boarding facilities have on-call vets and even allow video monitoring facility.  

  • Provides Great Socializing Opportunity for Pets
  • Have Vets on Standby
  • Pet Boarding Facilities Usually Have Large Play Areas
  • Provides Great Opportunity for Pets to Be Around Other Dogs and Animals


Advantages of Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is generally a good idea for all dogs. However, they are particularly advised for dogs that are old or have very specific dietary or health needs. Mainly because they get individual attention from the pet sitter, which is often hard to find in a boarding facility. 

  • Dogs Get to Stay at the Comfort of their Own Spaces
  • Individual Care Provided by the Pet Sitter
  • Your Pet Doesn’t Have to Live in a Caged Area 
  • No Chance of Ticks, Fleas, and Diseases from Other Pets
  • Professional Pet Sitters Can Administer Medications
  • Pet Sitters Remain More Available to Share Photos and Videos
  • Ideal for Pets with Health Issues or Senior Dogs


Final Thoughts

The key difference between pet sitting and pet boarding is an adjustment. If you choose pet sitting the sitter adjusts to your specific needs. You can tell the person which food your dog likes and how to calm it down. You can even ask a pet sitter to water the plants while you are away. Long story short, the pet sitter adjusts to your requirements. 

In the case of pet boarding, it’s your pet that has to make adjustments. Your pet needs to adjust to a new living area and being around new animals. The pet may also have to adjust to a new diet or a walk schedule.

While there is no denying that pet boarding facilities to do a great job, they often lack the degree of care and love provided by professional pet sitters. 



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