Pet Sitting versus Kenneling Your Dogs, The Choice is Yours To Make

Pet Sitting versus Kenneling Your Dogs

Maureen getting some love and kissesIf you are making plans to go on a vacation, we know that preparations for your pet’s care in your absence could be a little bit stressful even though it is very important. You may have been considering different options to ensure that your pet is well taken care of in your absence. These options are mainly of two types, either boarding your pet or hiring a professional pet sitter. The both options have their own benefits, no doubt. But when it comes to deciding on a better option for your pet, this is where most pet owners find difficulty. We will examine the both right here.
When putting your dog in a boarding facility, the dog is going to spend the most of its time throughout your vacation in a kennel with a number of other dogs. This may sound like a great idea to some owners, especially if your pet is sociable.
It is also often very expensive to board your dog in a kennel. Apart from that, your dog will also be at a higher risk of contracting some diseases from other animals in the facility.  With the Dog Flu going around now, it is probably not a very good idea.  Call your professional pet sitter and they can help you with your dates.  

Dogs in a kennel spend their time in unfamiliar surroundings and are forced to sleep in a small kennel at night. This encounter could result to stress

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and anxiety and make your pet fall sick. Their contact with other pets in the facility could easily make them get in a fight and make them sustain injuries. With will in turn end up costing you more money in the long run.

In home Professional Pet sitting
Pet sitting is a bit different and better than kennel boarding. This service ensures that your dog continues to enjoy the comforts of its home, free from stress and anxiety in their own environment. While your dog will not have other dogs to play with just as in the case of kennel boarding, the advantage however is that your dog will be at a lower risk of getting in a fight and sustaining injuries or falling sick.
When your dog is cared for at home, it will be more relaxed and calm. Your dog will also get the benefit of a great walk provided by a pet sitting expert, which is good for its wellbeing, as against the situation in a boarding facility where they will spend the most of their time in a kennel. The pet sitter will also maintain the feeding schedule for your pet and if necessary, stay overnight to calm separation anxiety. Pet sitters will give your pet one-on- one attention, and will also look after your home in your absence.
Whether your pet should stay in a boarding facility or get a pet sitter is totally your choice. But hiring a pet sitter offers more benefits. Your pet will remain in its home and the environment it is used to, and still play with the same toys. Getting the same treats it’s been used to, it own bed and scent of the environment will be more relaxing for your pet.   the choice is yours to make….
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