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Pet Sitting for Birds

The dog is still regarded as man’s best friend, while cats take the second position in the same regard. But birds are becoming more popular nowadays as pets. The population of pet birds has increased over the years, and this has also led to the increase in the need for bird pet sitters in Indian Trail, Weddington, Waxhaw and all the surrounding areas of Union County.
One thing that you must know is that birds are very different from cats and dogs in many ways. They process information in different ways. For instance, dogs are sensitive to smell; they sniff around and even people and other animals. Most of their perception comes through their nose. But birds, on the contrary, are very visual and depend on their sight for many things. They have perfect eyesight and are sensitive to colors. To them, a new color means a different person. So this should be taken into consideration when caring for them at night, or in situation that requires changing of clothes.
Birds also have relatively well developed hearing ability, and use different calls, noises or songs as a means of communication with others in their group or to mark territories. Furthermore, they have less sensitivity to taste compared to other animals or humans. This is why their diet can consist of something like dried hot peppers, which ordinarily would make tears come out from the eyes of other pets or humans.
Caring for pet birds requires a lot of care and attention; this is why Love and Kisses Pet Sitting is the best in the business of dog, cat and bird pet sitting. Especially for birds. We are passionate and experienced in taking care of your pets, whether cats, dogs or birds. When you call on us we are never in a hurry to leave your house as we are hire to make sure the pets in your home are well taken care of while in our care. We are simply doing what we are passionate about and what we know how to do best.
Our total focus is your pets and your property, we will  help to look after all your pets for as long as you want us, even if you are away on an extended vacation. With us, your pet bird will never feel your absence because we’ll make them happy just as much as you would.
Our priority in the business of pet sitting is providing quality pet care service and building lasting relationships with pet our clients. We do our business diligently with experienced professional to ensure you get maximum satisfaction. 
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