Pet Sitter Saves Indian Trail, NC Home From Flooding

Pet Sitter Saves Indian Trail, NC Home

Pet Sitter Saves Indian Trail, NC Home From Flooding

I am always telling people that hiring a professional pet sitter is the best decision when you travel. That when you hire the kid down the block that they do not know what to look for in an emergency. That when you hire a professional pet sitter they have been trained to look for things that look out of place while at a client home.  We not only care for their pets when hired, we are caring for their homes. We always keep an eye out to make sure things in and around our client’s homes are safe and secure.

Pet Sitter Saves The Day

Over the Christmas holiday, I received a call from one of my pet sitters that she was at a house doing a pet sit visit and she and saw water coming out of a pipe from the house..the white PVC pipe. That is the pipe that is the overflow from the hot water heater (up in the attic). Michelle decided to go upstairs to check to see if all was OK and  She felt water drip onto her head. Michelle looked up an noticed that there was water filling into the light fixture and water was on the ceiling around

Pet Sitter Saves Indian Trail, NC Home

this light fixture. My pet sitter called me and I went to see what was going on, We went up into the attic and saw water on the flooring around the hot water tank. We immediately called the client and they had no clue what to do as just recently moved into this home. We suggested to the client that we could call my pet sitters husband to come over and turn off the hot water tank as he had recently done this at his house and knew what he was looking at and the client agreed and was much relieved. Michelle’s husband came right over and turned off the hot water tank and had us drain the faucets in the house to make sure the flow of water was out of the pipes until client arrived home.

Pet Sitter Saves Indian Trail, NC Home Professional Pet Sitter and House Sitter

Had Michelle not seen this happening there would have been A LOT of water damage in their house as the water overflow would have just kept running. Imagine if they did not have a pet sitter coming in to do pet sitting visits or they had been boarding their dogs. These clients were not going to be home for 5 more days. That water tank up in the attic could have possibly fallen through the ceiling and causing so much damage !!!!

We Watch More Than Just Your Pets

When you hire Love and Kisses Pet Sitting, you are not only hiring a pet professional, you are hiring a professional who will look after your home as well. Thank you, Michelle, for saving the day and saving the client tons of money and clean up. We knew what to do and did it!  We would have hired a plumber to come and waited with him, however, the clients were fine with just having the hot water tank shut off until they came home.  They knew their home was under the great care of professional pet sitter,

If you are traveling and do not want to put your pets in a kennel, give Love and Kisses Pet Sitting a call to discuss your pet sitting and dog walking needs. 704-763-9857.










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