Found Dogs Running in The Street. I Was Able to Reunite The Owner With Her Dogs, find Out How

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Found Dog

I was driving with my husband today on a country road and saying to him that there was so much traffic tonight.  As we came to a turn in the road 2 large dogs came running out of a subdivision and ran alongside my car.  I stopped the car and asked my husband to get out and open our back door and get these 2 dogs into our car before they get hit by oncoming traffic.  The two dogs  jumped happily into my car and we pulled off to a side street and I was able to read the dogs tags (Thank God the owner had a tag on her dog).

So may dogs do NOT have tags and it is so upsetting because just about  everyone has a cell phone and it is so easy for someone to call you if your dog is found. 1454226_10151773264337286_2127669172_n  I called the number but nobody answered and I left a message.  I told my husband that we should drive into the subdivision that the dogs ran out from that they probably live in there.  As we drove in a women was running across the street and she looked upset.  My husband called out to her “Are you missing your dog?”   She ran to our car and was so happy that we had her 2 dogs in our car.  She then told us that the dog with the tag was hers and the other one she was taking care of.  Well, don’t even get me started again about hiring a professional to care for you dog and not a kid or neighbor. You will just have to scan through my blogs to find out how I feel about having a neighbor care for you pet while you are out of town.  And my thoughts were proven to be correct this evening.  Had I not stopped my car and got these two dogs into it, I have no doubt in my mind that one or both would have been hit by a car.

The moral of this story is to always have a dog tag on your pet with your correct information on it AT ALL TIME!!!



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