Pet Sitter Gives You “The Scoop On The Dog Poop”


Pet Sitter Gives You “The Scoop On The Dog Poop”


As a professional pet sitter we get up close and personal with lots of doggie poop.  It’s a fact.  We pick up a ton of poop weekly, so we surely do have a heads up on knowledge on the subject.

The Scoop On The Dog Poop

Sorry for the graphic picture

The Poop and Nothing but the POOP

As a pet owner you really should be checking your dog’s poop on a regular basis.  If you walk your dog, you will see it a lot more than someone who just lets their dog out in the yard to poop.  Your dogs poop can sometimes tell you if there’s a problem going on inside them that you would not know about if you were not keeping an eye on the look of things.  Nice subject to write about right?

Dogs like to get into things and digest them.  For example, I had a clients dog on a walk and he did his poop.  While picking it up I noticed a barbie’s leg sticking out of the poop.  I just left the owner  a letter to let her know that the dog did pass the barbies leg today.  She was happy to know that because the dog did chew up a lot of the doll.  We see so many objects come out we could write a book about it. If they eat crayons we get to see rainbow poop. Yes, colorful poop does exist.

Always check the constituency of the dogs poop because it does tell a lot more than you think.  A client who’ s dog I walk on a regular basis has always pooped a large amount and suddenly started pooping smaller loads.  I told the client and she made an appointment with her vet to find out that the dog did in fact have prostate cancer.  The client was so happy that I had pointed this out here when I did.

So the moral of this story is if you pet is eating the same meals every day, then their poop should always look the same.  Color is key also.  It should be the same color on a day to day basis.  If  it is grey then there may be a liver problem, red means blood and I would bring to vet right away.

So there you have it…The Scoop on the Poop.




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