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Pet Nail Clipping

Just like us, our furry friends need their nails clipped from time to time. Nail maintenance is actually an important part of pet care. If your pet’s nails click every time he walks across the floor or your kitty constantly scratches your lap, it’s time for a trim. Most pet parents know how difficult it can be to cut your own pet’s nails—they squirm and shake so much you’re lucky to clip one nail. When your pet needs their feet pampered, a professional nail trimming service can assist you.
 Dragging your dog or cat across town to the vet is hassle enough. Fortunately, with our mobile pet nail trimming service, we can care for your pet’s nails in the comfort of their own home! 


Pet Nail Clipping $35
Additional pet $25
Ongoing Once a Month Nail Clipping $30
Paw Pad Shaving $25
Groom Face $25
Anal Glands expressed $25
Package Bundle
Nail grinding, Paw Pads Shaved, Ears Cleaned $65

Why Pet Nail Trimming?

Why should you have to worry about clipping your pet’s nails? There are a few reasons that dog nail trimming and cat nail trimming are quite important. First of all, this is a key facet of your furry companion’s health. Imagine how uncomfortable life would be for you if your nails were constantly too long. Since dogs and cats walk on all fours, having excessively long nails can impair your pet’s coordination.

Advantages of Mobile Pet Nail Trimming

Having an experienced dog nail trimmer or cat nail trimmer take care of your pet’s paws offers innumerable benefits, especially when you utilize services like ours. 
  •  It can be nerve-wracking for pet parents to trim their own fur babies’ claws. They have no idea how to do it (at a particular angle to trim the excess nail without injuring the nail’s nerves)   
  • We combine excellent care with a low cost to make this service affordable. We strive to stay at or below the average price for nail trimming, despite our years of experience.
  •  Trimming a single paw might take you a week. We can pedicure a paw in just minutes.

Do dogs need special nail trimmers?

While it may be technically possible to cut your dog’s nails with “human” nail clippers, we utilize specialized trimmers for greater accuracy and safety. We will pick the appropriate type of tool for your pooch based on his or her breed, size, and preference.

Can you help if my pet is scared of nail trimming?

Yes, We understand that many animals are afraid of having their nails touched, and may experience anxiety or fear during this treatment. We will help your dog or cat through this with our gentle touch and expert skill.

What pets can you help trim nails for?

We offer nail trimming services for all types of canines and felines. We work with cats and dogs of all breeds.

Is It Time for a Pet Pedicure?

Contact us today to schedule your mobile pet nail trim appointment. We’ll drive right up to your door and clip your pet’s nails at your convenience.
Call today to schedule your pets to nail trim at 704-763-9857 or book below.

Excellent Service, Peace of Mind, Reliability, and Professionalism!!! 

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