Pet Corrector: Helping Keep Your Beloved Pets In Line

Pet Corrector

Pet Corrector: Helping Keep Your Beloved Pets In Line

Training a beloved pet to refrain from unwanted and disruptive behaviors can be a frustrating exercise, but the results are always worth it. There are hundreds of training guides and tools out there, but one of the most effective and widely recommended ones to come out in the past few years is Pet Corrector, created by the respected Dr. Roger Mughford who works with The Company of Animals.

Who It’s For

If you’re having trouble with cat or dog behaving inappropriately or being destructive and disruptive with actions such as furniture scratching; stealing food; jumping onto areas it shouldn’t; uncontrolled barking and such, then Pet Corrector will come in handy.

How Does It Work?

This nifty little gadget is really quite simple. When it’s nozzle is pressed, the canister, which is small enough to fit in a regular pocket, will emit a hissing sound. The sound is caused by the compressed air inside being released, and the hissing sound is one that animals instinctively associate with danger.

It makes for a very effective way of grabbing their attention and stopping them literally in their tracks. It’s entirely harmless, although you shouldn’t spray it directly into your pet’s face or use it if your pet is particularly anxiety-prone or nervous. There are no long-term effects and it can be used for various pets, reportedly having been successfully used even with horses!

How It’s Used for Training Your Pet

First of all, it’s important to note that Pet Corrector isn’t to be used entirely on its own, but in conjunction with traditional reward-based methods. It’s not a quick-fix kind of thing, but rather a way to make the training process a whole lot easier and more effective.

Right, so here’s how you work with it. Whenever you notice your four-legged friend engaging in behavior you want to discourage, simply take out your Pet Corrector and spray it close to their face (not directly into it). This should be done while they are still engaging in the activity and not later on, as they won’t be able to connect the correction with the unwanted behavior. Their attention spans can be rather short, so this is an important point to note in your training efforts. Foregoing this might inadvertently make them anxious and fearful of you instead of discouraging their bad behavior.

Once the behavior has ceased due to the Pet Corrector, you should then go ahead and reward your pet with a treat or a belly rub or whatever – as long as it’s something they enjoy.

In circumstances where your pet has a number of bad behaviors you wish to get rid of, it’s better to tackle them one at a time as this will help them in recognizing exactly what the problem is. Tackle one problem area, and when satisfied that it’s been taken care of, move on to the next.

Pet Corrector can prove to be an invaluable, easy-to-use, and completely safe aid in training your pet to be the best companion they can be, and that’s a win for everyone involved.

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