Perfect Pets to Keep in Your College Dorm

Most college dorms forbid to keep large and medium-sized pets, so you will have to reject the idea of bringing your Shepherd dog there. And your roommates may be allergic to furry creatures, so your kitty should also stay at home. Nonetheless, if your desire to have a pet does not disappear anywhere, you can reflect on keeping a small animal. They can also bring happiness and love. Besides, they have a few benefits over bigger animals that require more care and may have some health problems. Keeping a pet develops responsibility and the ability to take care of another living being. A pet can bring considerable emotional relief, especially if you feel lonely or depressed because you need college paper help or any other reason. Since keeping a pet in a college dorm can significantly improve the quality of life, you should make the right choice, weigh all the pros and cons, and figure out which pet best suits your lifestyle, and personality.

1. Reptiles

Reptiles can become great companions for the right people. And even though they are not as pleasant to touch as fluffy creatures, they may well make up for the lack of communication and entertain you. However, you must understand all the nuances of their keeping and be ready to carry out the duties. Otherwise, your pet won’t last long. You will need to study its natural habitat and learn how to do this in the dorm. Well, if you are busy with your assignments, you can order cheap essays online and devote this extra time to weighing all the pros and cons of your potential pet. For example, feeding a snake, especially a large one, can relate to doing some unpleasant things due to its diet.


Before you decide on getting a turtle, you should be ready for a longer commitment to your pet since there are many stories when turtles outlived their first owners for decades. Well, lizards do not live as long as turtles and do not eat rats like snakes, but they are much faster and more difficult to manage, so there is a high probability of dropping them.


They eat live insects, so flies, crickets, and cockroaches are their favorite prey, and if your pet’s food accidentally gets lost in your dorm, it can bring a lot of hassle for you and your roommates. And the latter may not fall for your begging, Do my college homework for me anymore after that. However, if you are ready for all the difficulties as well as properly care for reptiles and give them your time, then they may well become great friends for you. If you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better not to take responsibility for a living being.

2. Fish

Besides being perhaps the most popular pets among students, keeping fish will not require many efforts.

For example, goldfish can live in small (but clean) aquariums. Some types of aquarium fish, such as the cardinal, are fed every 2-3 days or even less often. Fish do not need a lot of communication with human beings, but some neighbors will greatly delight them and brighten up their life. The main things about such a pet are the clean aquarium, timely feeding, and interesting environment so that there is somewhere to swim. The disadvantage of fish is that you do not have full contact with them, and you cannot hug or hold them. You should understand that the larger the aquarium is, the more difficult it will be to care for it. And some types of fish require a certain temperature regime and artificial aeration. Nonetheless, fish are the easiest pets to maintain and care for. Thus, it is easy to do my essay and take care of such pets at the same time.

3. Insects and Arachnids

There are many species of insects and arachnids that are easy to maintain and care for. Tarantulas, cockroaches, crickets, scorpions, and centipedes are among animals that most people prefer not to meet even by chance, let alone bring them into their houses. However, if you like everything unusual, then they can become a wonderful pet for you. Tarantulas and scorpions are not the best options for beginners due to their fragility and their ability to sting or bite. There are several varieties of tarantulas that are the calmest and easy to handle. And spiders are not necessarily dangerous.

If that sounds pretty flimsy, then cockroaches, crickets, and centipedes are ideal for those just starting with their insect keeping experience. Cockroaches are especially easy to care for. All they need is a terrarium with a varied landscape, food, and water. The only important feature is that cockroaches are very socialized, and they need company.

4. Invertebrates

Recently, it has become a common hobby to keep giant African snails at home. They grow quite quickly – up to 15-20 cm in a year with proper care. Besides, they are very sociable, and it is easy to take care of them. You will need a terrarium or aquarium, bedding of peat or moss, water, and food. Under unfavorable conditions, snails hibernate, so if you leave for a week or two, the pet will not die. Snails are social creatures, and they should live together with a partner.




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