When You See an Orange Collar On a Cat? Is Your Cat a Kitty Convict

When You See an Orange Collar On a Cat? Is Your Cat a Kitty Convict

Sitting here is morning, having my coffee and I come across the post about Orange Collars on Cats.  I read a bit more and thought to myself, “What a FANTASTIC IDEA!!!  We all see cats roaming the streets all the time and would never know if it is lost cat or a street cat, right?  I love this idea.  I do Orange Collar for cathowever want to remind everyone that when you run out to Petsmart or any other retailer to purchase an Orange Collar, PLEASE MAKE SURE IT IS FOR A CAT.   It must be a cat collar.  Their is a big difference between dog collars and cat collars. Adjustable breakaway cat collars are made of no-snag nylon material and designed to release when a cat’s collar gets caught.  If a cat should get stuck in a tree and the collar got caught, it must be able to break free from his collar.

I just did a search and Amazon sells the Orange Collar and it is called The Kitty Convict Collar click here for the link to purchase one.  I really love this idea!!!

This is what my friend had posted on Facebook

I think this initiative is brilliant! My cat is an “indoor only” kitty. If she ever escaped, I’d want someone to realize that she’s not just a pet cat roaming but someone’s indoor cat who is lost. Hopefully this idea will spread and everyone will recognize that when you see an orange collar on a cat , it means it’s an escaped “kitty convict” and you should try to help!  http://www.explodingkittens.com/kittyconvict

Now it is your duty as an ANIMAL LOVER to share this blog with all the Cat people that you know…let’s let the world know, and SAVE AS MANY LOST CATS THAT WE CAN.  Did I say “I just LOVE this idea”

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