Online Resources For Finding A Lost Pet

Technology has allowed us to create online communities for a variety of reasons and purposes such as forums to discuss common interests to groups for people who go to the same school or workplace. As tech continues to innovate and solve issues that we face in our lives, it was inevitable that one day, there would be resources to help owners find their missing pets.

Finding a missing dog is extremely tricky. As innately quick creatures, dogs can easily evade their owner’s watchful eyes in a matter of seconds and wander into foreign neighborhoods. The owner has no way of knowing how far they have traveled or where they have gone, so the answer to the question of where to put up flyers, or even if flyers are of any use in the first place, is ambiguous. Calling up friends, family, neighbors, and anyone else you know who lives in the area is time-consuming and often does not lead anywhere. Calling and visiting animal shelters can take a whole day.

The entire process of finding your missing dog, in summary, is tiresome, time-consuming and extremely inefficient. There are apps online that help to streamline some of those processes a bit, making life easier and less stressful for you while you are already in a pretty stressful and emotionally draining time. It is also helpful for outreach, putting your dog in front of the eyes of a vast network of community members and volunteers who are proactive about identifying the right dog and concerned about you and your wellbeing.


If you find yourself in a situation where you have lost your dog and you have exhausted all your resources, time and emotion, FindShadow can definitely be an asset to you.

With FindShadow, you can put up a listing on the app, immediately reaching out a wide network of fellow dog enthusiasts, other owners looking for their dogs or volunteers who are available to lend a helping hand.

You can browse through the listings to see if your dog has been found already, print and download personalized street posters, and share your post to social media. FindShadow also has the option of sending out a “dog amber alert” to your friends and families to alert them of your situation.

There are some other features, including a button to easily call up nearby shelters. What makes FindShadow so effective at finding lost dogs is the fact that you are able to reach out to so many more people through the app. The people you are reaching out to on FindShadow are people who have been through what you have been through and can empathize with your situation. Or, they could be regular caring individuals who just want to help dog owners out. Regardless, using FindShadow puts you in front of the right people; people who are willing and ready to help you out


There are other options, such as Fidofinder. This app offers an enormous database of dogs near you. It doesn’t offer a comprehensive solution, but it is an extremely useful tool in terms of its sheer scale.

If your dog has been found, chances are it will end up on this app. Always make sure to search a radius that’s larger than what you’d expect, however. Dogs that are scared can run a lot further than you’d think.

In some cases, owners have been reunited with their pets in the same day, or within a couple of hours. The power of visibility is truly important when looking for a missing dog. The higher the number of people who can recognize your pet, the higher the chance that someone who comes across your dog will be able to identify it. It’s simple.

Regardless if you have lost your dog or not (and I really hope you haven’t!) using one of these apps is a good idea just in case something happens in the future.






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