OMG!! I Just Heard The WORSE Story (AGAIN)

OMG!! I Just Heard The WORSE Story (AGAIN)

OMG!! I Just Heard The WORSE Story (AGAIN)

I just received a call from a pet parent in tears…she told me she hired a neighbor (good friend as well) to care for her dog when she and her family traveled. The “friend/neighbor” NEVER EVEN CHECKED IN ON THE DOG!!!!!! The dog was home alone for 4 days. I can’t tell you how many times I hear stories like this….PLEASE, when you need someone to care for your pets when you travel

1-make sure they are professional pet sitters
2-make sure they are FULLY INSURED (very, very important)
3-check their references
4-make sure they have a website and have reviews on the website
5-make sure you interview them to see if your pets like them and they are comfortable with your pets
6-make sure if they have pet sitter’s working for them that you meet the sitter that is coming to your home AND that they are employees, not independent contractors!!
7-If something should happen to them (the sitter) who is going to step in and care for your pets? Make sure they have backup pet sitter program in place!! VERY IMPORTANT!!
8-They are caring for your home as well as your pets, would they know who to call if something goes wrong in you home? A professional pet sitter would.

This breaks my heart when I get these calls. I totally understand trying to save a few bucks but is it worth the risk to NOT hire a professional pet OMG!! I Just Heard The WORSE Story (AGAIN)sitter. I don’t think so. Someone that does pet sitting and dog walking for a living and know what they are doing with your pets and your home. They have experience, knowledge as to how pets should be acting. If something should go wrong, would they know what to do or who to call?

I own Love and Kisses Pet Sitting for 10 years and we have ALL the above in place. We go over all this information with you at our FREE meet and greet.
Don’t let this happen to your pets, give us a call to discuss your pet sitting, cat sitting, dog walking needs. We are here to help you with ALL your pet sitting needs.
Maureen McCarthy

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