How Often Should You Wash Your Dogs Bowl

How Often Should You Wash Your Dogs Bowl?
How Often Should You Wash Your Dogs Bowl

How Often Should You Wash Your Dogs Bowl?

No matter how thoroughly your dog or cat licks their food bowl, it is not sanitized enough to be utilized again without washing it well. The same applies to their water dishes. In some homes, however, pets’ dishes are overlooked to an extent that they develop algae colonies at the bottom and on the sides. Well, responsible pet-keepers are aware of the probable health effects of pets drinking water or eating from such-like food bowls, so they can never let it happen. This post explains why you should wash your dog bowl frequently. 

Generally, you need to develop the habit of washing your dog bowl after every single meal. Ensure that you scrub and wash it well with soap and hot water. The water dish should equally get a similar treatment on daily basis.

Basically, run the bowls through the hottest cycle of your dishwasher in order to attain perfectly clean and sterilized dishes. Heavy plastic such as “crock style” or stainless steel bowls are perfect for regular cleaning. They are much resistant to wear – and – tear so the stand up for a longer period. With proper cleaning and maintenance, such dishes can last up to two decades. 

This Is Why You Really Should Wash Your Dog Bowl every day

· To avoid biofilm – You need to majorly understand that traces of food and the dog’s saliva remain on the bowls when the dog is done with licking it. This combination results in a slimy coating that is usually described as a biofilm, which is actually a collection of bacteria that match up with each other. As a result, dishes licked by pets are utterly unpleasant, and also set up a favorable environment for transmission of bacteria that can cause an array of perilous infections.

· To prevent ants – You may think that your dog’s bowl is free from all sorts of food. You are definitely wrong. Ants may differ.

· To let your dog know that the meal is over – Apparently when you pick up the dish to wash it, you somewhat signal the dog that mealtime is over. 

· To protect your family members – Humans are much different from dogs. Dogs have got an exclusive type of immunity system, which enables them to fight various types of bacterial infections that you and your family may not withstand. You can prevent transmission of such-like infections by washing your dog bowl frequently and handling it with great care. 

· Serve your dog just like the rest of the family – Pets are somewhat family members and family members do not serve each other on dirty dishes. 

You definitely should consider washing your pets’ dishes on a daily basis and if possible after every single meal. This will greatly promote the general hygiene of your dog, and it may help pets learn how to maintain cleanness. It will also help avoid development and transmission of bacterial infections among pets. Above all, keeping your dog bowl clean all the time will safeguard your family from bacterial infections that are transmitted by dogs.

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How Often Should You Wash Your Dogs Bowl




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