How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

Most dog experts on the internet recommend washing your dog just a few times a year. The truth is there’s no exact duration you should wait to wash your canine friend. You only need to establish the fine line between letting the dirt accumulate and overwashing.

There are several factors that you should consider when determining how often your dog should take a bath such as:

Where does your dog live?

If your dog lives with you in the house, then you may need to give them a bath regularly depending on the breed; it should be from once a week to once a month. If the dog sleeps on your bed, you may be more cautious to avoid dirt, insect, poop and other grim into the sheets.

What breed is your dog?

Dogs with dry skin need to be bathed less frequently as compared to dogs with oily skin. Coats with harsh texture do repel dirt, and so they do not accumulate dirt easily as soft-textured coats. Breeds with soft coats such as Yorkies, Maltese, shihtzu, and Afghans should be bathed once a week.

For harsh-coated breeds such as collies and Shelties can be bathed once a month. Long-coated dogs may also need frequent washing as dirt gets stuck on their coats quickly. The little white dogs may also turn brown with time and bathing may be required. Dogs with thicker coats may not get dirty too fast, and a bath is not needed often unless you experience allergies.

What activities does your dog take part in?

Does your dog go hiking? Do you take your dog to the dog park? Does he/she play in the dirt? Well, the above activities may warrant regular bathing. If you notice an accumulation of dirt after an activity, you need to consider keeping him clean to avoid a bad smell.

Does your pooch suffer from itchy skin?

While humans absorb most environmental allergens through their nose and mouth, dogs, on the other hand, absorb allergens through their skin. Weekly bathing for such dogs is advisable to prevent itchiness. Bathing helps in getting rid of allergens before they can penetrate the skin.

How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

The best answer is; it depends. Just like people, some dogs get stinky quicker than others. In fact, I know of dogs that have not had a bath in their life and do not have an unpleasant smell, but mine gets a bath monthly.

For a dog with healthy skin, you can bathe them once in a month using dog shampoo. If you prefer to wash your best friend more than once a month, you need to use a soap-free shampoo to prevent their skin from becoming dry. Avoid bathing your dog more than once per week unless advised by your vet.

While bathing your dog is a wise idea, it can pose a challenge to most people. To avoid a hard time with your dog during bathtime, you need to introduce them to bathing at an early age by use of treats and praise.

Tell us about you, how often do you bathe your dog?

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