Non Timed Pet Sit Visits For Your Pet. YES!!! It is About The Quality of Service, Not the Quantity

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting is excited to announce we now offer non-timed visits to your home to care for your pets!!!!!  We wont run out the door knowing your pets still need our attention.  We are there to make sure all pets are happy and healthy. We prefer to spend all of our time at our pet sitting visits making sure that we give each of our furry clients the individual care that they deserve!

We as pet sitters know that you worry about your pet while you are away  from home.  That is what we are here for to care for and love your pets and make sure they are happy and healthy when you can’t be there.  We take GREAT pride in what we do and we want to now take it up a notch.  We want you to know that Love and Kisses Pet Sitting is now offering non-timed pet visits.  That’s right, we will now come to your home to care for your pet without having to look at the clock.

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting  is the FIRST and only professional pet sitting/dog walking  company in Union County NC to offer this  service. Some of the pets we care for need that extra time on their walk to do their business or to eat their food.  If a situation should arise where we need to spend longer that expected  if we charged by time, you would come home to an extra bill for extra time spent. With us, you will never have an extra bill. We provide a full service, quality service, guarantee.   We will make sure that your pet has been loved and cared for in your absence and they are happy and content.  That is the reason we came up with this great service of un-timed pet sitting/dog walking visits.

Pets live in the present and have no concept of episodic memory.  So to have a timed visit really doesn’t make much or a difference in pets lives. Love and kisses Pet Sitting’s clients  like to know that the time doesn’t matter one way or the other. Our clients like knowing that we are there to create a customization service for their pets . They have peace of mind knowing that we are there to do a job, be  professional, and take care of everything in their home and with their pets. Our clients trust us and know we are the professionals and where our hearts are.   Our clients never have to worry about being charged extra because it took us more “time” to clean up and unexpected mess, or stayed longer with their fur kid  because we got into a great game of fetch or cat and mouse.

No Extra Pet Fee’s.  Most of our clients have more than one pet and we want to make sure that each pet gets the love attention they deserve. No hidden fee’s with Love and kisses Pet Sitting.  We also do not charge for giving medication because we know that is part of caring for your pet.

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting  clients are more concerned about the quality of service than the quantity of time spent at their home. Time spent does not equate to a quality service.



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