New State of The Art Dog Tag For Your Pets


New State of The Art Dog Tag For Your Pets

Store ALL YOUR PET’S Information on this new dog tag. Keep your pet’s important details in one convenient location.
Make life easier for yourself and your pet’s care givers. You won’t have to dig through a file to look up their medications, etc. anymore. Just store the info on their profile page. Pet sitters will have instant access to feeding instructions, emergency contacts, veterinary information, medications, and anything else you include. You can even leave messages for your vet, groomer, or pet care provider! All they have to do is scan the tag with their phone…
Wanna know more about the tag itself? Our aluminum tags feature a laser engraved QR code covered with epoxy, so they are very durable. Our tags make it so you never have to get a replacement if you move or change phone numbers. All your information can be updated online with just a few clicks. Stop overpaying for those engraved tags at your local pet store. Our tags are a great, modern alternative to old school dog tags and much more affordable than those overpriced GPS collars – but they also compliment the other alternatives as a backup solution in safeguarding your pet.
If your pet is lost, the person just has to scan the tag to get your phone number. No more having to bring the lost dog to the vet to scan the dog, just scan the tag and BINGO your dog is home safe. Call Love and Kisses Pet sitting for more info on this great new dog tag!! 704-763-9857 Mention this post and get one FREE with all new booking for pet sitting for 4 or more DAYS OF PET SITTING VISITS

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