Need a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker in Waxhaw NC?

Need a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker in Waxhaw NC?

Do you need a pet sitter or a dog walker in Waxhaw NC?  Love and Kisses Pet Sitting has been serving pet clients since 2006.  We are a fully insured and bonded pet sitting business since 2006 with outstanding reviews across all the social media sites.  We are very proud to have received many awards including the Angie’s List Super Service award several times.

Why is it important to hire a professional pet sitter?  

Pet Sitter Erica services Monroe and Wesley ChapelI can’t begin to tell you, how many times I have received calls from new clients telling me horrible stories of asking their neighbors or kids down the block to help them with their pets.  When they come home they find out that they only came a few times and did not even spend time with the pets.  These people have cameras set up and did not tell their friends and neighbors.  But they sure could see what went on in their absence.

I had a client call me to tell me the kid down the block never even showed up at his house!  I was horrified to hear this one.  Those poor dogs.  The kid completely forgot to go and care for the pets.  Can you imagine that?  

What does a professional do?

If you hire a professional pet sitter to come to your house, make sure you go over all the fine details with them.  They should have a list of questions for you as well.  The pet sitting company should ask you for your veterinary information, your emergency contact information, and a lot more important information regarding you home and your pets.  They will go over everything with you that the pet sitter will be doing.

If you hire Love and Kisses Pet Sitting, we offer state of the art on-line booking systems to all our clients.  We have GPS tracking on all our pet sitters.  You pet sitter will be texting you daily to let you know how your pets are doing and even send you photos of your pets having fun with your pet sitter.  

We have been in business since 2006 with many happy clients and content pets.  Why put your pet in a kennel when you can have them stay in the comfort of their own home and familiar surroundings.  Not only that but your pet sitter will bring in your mail each day, turn your porch lights one and turn off in this morning.  They will bring you garbage out on pick up day and bring your back up after pick up.  

We want you to have peace of mind

Hiring a true pet sitting professional will give us such peace of mind just knowing that your home and your pets are being taken care of.  Give Love and Kisses Pet Sitting a call to discuss your pet sitting and dog walking needs.  We care for all domestic pets.  

Do you take care of cats too?

Cats are a big business for us as well.  We will clean their litter box every day and give fresh food and water.  If they let us pet or brush them, we will do that as well.   We love caring for cats and our cat sitters can also administer medications if you cat or dog needs meds.  Just ask us. 

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