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Indian Trail Pet Sitter and Daily Dog Walker

When Love and Kisses Pet Sitting comes to your house to care for your pets, we play with them and keep them company.  Meet Lexie, she is a beauty and we love to go and visit her and she loves when we play ball with her.  She is happy and content in her own home.  Why would you put your dog or cat in  a kennel when this service that we offer is so much more convenient and cost effective.  Lexie gets to sleep in her own home and not get stressed out by other dogs barking all day long.  I think her parents make the right choice by having us come in several times a day.  They even have us sleep overnight at their home to care for Lexie.  Our pet sitter really enjoy being with her too.

We have been caring for Lexie for about a year now.  Her parents schedule her visits with our state of the art on-line booking system.  They love the convenience that they have to be able to just go online and book their appointments.  We then send them a email conformation email letting them know that they are all set up.  Nothing more to do.  We have their keys already in our locked safe making it such a simple process.

Why would you want to have to pack up your dog and all their belongings to transport then to the kennel. Then have to worry that they are ok with the new surroundings and getting stresses out from all the dogs that are stressed.  Not to mention that they can get kennel cough and many other illnesses from kenneling your pet.  I have heard so many stories about why people will not kennel their pets anymore.  Some pets do well with it however, most will be happier and healthier in their own environment.

Give us a call to discuss your pet sitting needs and see pet sitting is what is best for your pet.  The consultation is FREE.  Call Love and Kisses Pet Sitting at 704-763-9857.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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