What Should I Do If My dog Ate Chicken Bones?

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What Should I Do If My dog Ate Chicken Bones?



 What Should I Do If My dog Ate Chicken Bones?

Today a client asks me what should I do if my dog ate chicken bones?  If your pet has already eaten the forbidden food and does not appear to be choking or experiencing any kind of distress, it is likely that he will be fine.  However, I  would keep a close eye on him. Some dogs will just pass them with maybe a little diarrhoea.  Others will have problems with the bones and can need surgery to remove them.  This can be very serious. The first signs of vomiting or pain, lethargy, swollen belly, or straining to defecate, you need to see your vet.  You should not try to induce vomiting in your dog. Bones can cause choking or tearing in the throat. You can try to feed your dog some bread or boiled rice to line the digestive tract. Usually, your dog will be fine, but watch stools for any signs of bleeding.   Raw bones are mostly safe, cooked bones are not.   The only issue is that cooked bones can splinter and tear the digestive tract.  

Over the next 12-48 hours, I was watching for signs of a perforated bowel:

  • signs of pain
  • shallow breathing
  • stretching as if trying to move something along (the stretch looks like a dog’s play stance or bow)
  • vomiting (or attempts to vomit)
  • bloody stool
  • difficulty defecating
  • general discomfort (panting, inability to stay still, unwilling to play)

“When you think about it wild dogs and feral dogs will be doing this on a daily basis and this is the way they are adapted to feed as opportunistic feeders and scavengers. For them to be able to crunch up and swallow chicken bones then the fragments may well be small enough to pass through your dog’s digestive tract without a problem. So most dogs will get away with this sort of incident.

Of course, this is all just supplemental information and should NOT be taken in place of professional veterinarian treatment. While the Internet is a great tool to help in situations such as these, it is no substitute for proper veterinarian care.

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  1. Jackie

    My dog ate a cooked chicken bone I am scared she’s going to die

    • Maureen McCarthy

      If you are concerned please take your pet to the vet ASAP

  2. Amr Emara

    I Feed my dog Small chicken bones for 3 years and he is fine… should i stop it ?? but we crack the bones into small pieces before we feed him and mix it with fresh food like rice, Okra is that okay ؟

    • Maureen McCarthy

      I would suggest you stopping. Chicken bones can splinter and hurt your dogs insides. Talk more about this with your vet.


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