How Much Does a Pet Sitter Cost in South Charlotte?

What is a pet sitter?

You ask how much does a pet sitter cost?  Here is some information that may help you determine if you want to hire a pet sitter. First, we will talk about what is a pet sitter? Similar in name and concept to babysitting, pet sitting is basically a process of looking after someone’s pet animals whenever the owner is away. In contrast to a boarding kennel, which involves taking the pet way to live somewhere else and possible exposure to illness while the owner is away. Pet sitting involves taking care of the pets within their own home environment so they can get the best possible care without giving them a feeling of alienation by taking them away to a new place that isn’t their home.

Who is a pet sitter?

Considering the definition of the term, a pet sitter can be anyone from a friend to a neighbor that takes care of your domestic animal while you’re How Much Does a Pet Sitter Costaway. However, pet sitting has become a completely widespread industry with many small and large scale businesses that have become part of the pet sitting industry.

Being a professional pet sitter is a completely different thing. A professional pet sitter is having insurance, and bonding if you have employees, and having a backup system in place in case something happens to your scheduled pet sitter. A professional pet sitter is someone who loves pets and in general domestic animals to the extent that they make a career out of spending time with them and taking care of them as best possible. A professional pet sitter knows what to look for if a pet is not acting right. They have a policy in place to handle such situations.

What is a Professional Pet Sitter?

To be a professional pet sitter one must be loving, caring and compassionate to the extent that they provide pets with as much love and care as their owner would have. In addition to being caring and loving a professional pet sitter must also be very responsible when looking after the client’s pet.  They must be the pet sitter’s top and only priority. For those who truly love animals, pet sitting isn’t even a job. A pet sitter must feed, sometimes bathe and play with the pet in their owner’s absence to make them feel, loved and cared for. Make sure the pets in your care are eating and drinking water.  Making sure they are happy and healthy is a top priority. Clean cat litter boxes daily and make sure the cats are happy and doing well in the owner absence.

Love and kisses pet sitting.

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting is a professional pet sitting business based in South Charlotte, North Carolina. Established as a small home business by a pet lover named Maureen McCarthy in 2006, Love and Kisses Pet Sitting now offers a wide range of services and care packages which fall in various price ranges. Every pet lover understands the fact that caring for a domestic animal is no easy thing and requires a lot of effort and responsibility. Considering all those things, who could be a better pet sitter than a pet lover at heart?

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting employs only pet lovers as sitters and individuals that have experience with all type of pets and provide their services in different areas depending on the requirements of the customers. The basic ideology behind the business is, providing pet owners the complete peace of mind and satisfaction during times when they cannot be there for their pets in person, coupled with a lot of animals in general. To give each customer the complete satisfaction, the company also promises to send them regular texts, videos, and photos every day for their peace of mind and satisfaction.

How Much Does a Pet Sitter Cost?

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting in a unique pet sitting business in the sense that it does not charge Crazy amounts of money at all. The love and care provided to the pets are completely free. The only money that people have to pay is the effort the employees make and the cost that goes into the services.

Here are some of the services that are provided by Love and Kisses Pet Setting and the respective prices:

Daily dog walking is 30 minute of dog walking services: the company offers daily Walks for your dogs. For up to 2 dogs a thirty-minute walk, the rate is  $25 if one uses the services for more than 3 days a week the rate drops down to $23 a day.

In-home vacation 30-minute pet sitting visit: for a 30-minute pet sitting visit the rate is $25 for up to 2 pets and $28 for 3 or more pets

The quick relief visit: the quick relief visit is basically a quick potty break. The sitters take your dogs for a quick potty and rate is $23 for a 15-minute visit

Overnight pet sitting: For the overnight pet sitting service, the rate is $110 for 10 hours a night and $150 for 12 hours a night

Live-in pet sitting: the live-in pet sitting is a service that provides 24 hours of love and personalized attention to pets inside the comfort of the owner’s home for $210. This is a great service if you have multiple pets or a pet with separation issues. 24 hr undivided attention and love and care are given.

Remember you are paying for a pet sitter that is fully insured and bonded.  If something should happen your costs are covered. This is so important.  

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