Maxbone Dog Toy Review – Is It Fur Baby Approved?

Alright! Listen up, Fur mommies! I’ve been bringing around this Maxbone dog toy with me for quite a while now. And this is my very best purchase! I have no regrets at all! Here at  Love and Kisses Pet Sitting, we highly prioritize spending quality time with your fur babies as if they are ours. 


And of course, playing around with the pets is a given. I’ve noticed that when we play, it becomes more interactive and engaging too! It’s from a lifestyle pet brand that I recently just stumbled upon. Without further ado, let me introduce you to Maxbone’s Small Twisted Rope Toy and Maxbone’s Sports Ball. 


About The Products


The Mini Twisted Rope Toy is a woven ball with a small loop perfect for playing tug-of-war, chewing, and other interactive activities. 


The product claims that it is eco-friendly and durable. Made from poly-cotton and built strong to chew and play for hours. A hassle-free way to add in daily exercise and mental stimulation to help keep your dog healthy. The perfect item for teething puppies and strong chewers and great for interactive play with your dog, such as playing tug-of-war.


The Sports Ball looks simple and durable. This product is very straightforward, but here’s the catch, it has a hole in the middle where you can place treats and let your pets exercise their abilities since they have to find ways on how to get the treat out of the ball. The product claims that it is made of sturdy rubber and can be easily cleaned. 


Comfort and Safety in Playing


To touch, both toys are soft enough not to harm your dogs’ teeth and at the same time, hard enough to handle all the bites and throws your dogs will do to it when playing. Both toys are perfect for interactive playtime. 


Personally, I use the mini twisted rope with smaller dogs. I find that smaller dogs are more comfortable playing with the rope than the sports ball. The sports ball is perfect for the big boys. The rubber material is just right, so heavy chewers can be comfortable when playing with it. Plenty of our pet sitters have shared with me the same experience too. 


I like the idea that it has space in the middle where I can place treats for the sports ball. There are times that I do little brain exercises for them to develop their mental strength. When I do this, I consult the owner on how they train and play with their dog since big boys pose a greater threat to people if not properly approached.


Price, Availability, and Transaction


Both cost at around $14 – $16, which in my opinion, is very reasonably priced for the quality and the stylish design. They also have a variation of colors and sizes of their toys. Also, they are available on their website. The transaction process was really smooth, and the delivery was pretty fast.


Is it Fur Baby Approved?


Super yes! I think I’ve already found my go-to shopping place for pet essentials. I like to explore more options and share them to the pet-loving community. A hidden treasure indeed.



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