Ways to Make Your pet Feel Safe When You Travel

Ways to Make Your pet Feel Safe When You Travel

 Ways to Make Your pet Feel Safe When You TravelWhether you are traveling by air, car, train or foot, carefully consider the needs of your pet and thoroughly review the options available to you and plan accordingly. You should always consider your pet’s health, safety and preferences when deciding whether to take your pet with you or leave them home with a qualified pet sitter. If your pet becomes anxious, motion-sick or does not enjoy new and different situations, especially older dogs, then the best choice is often to leave them at home where they feel safe, secure and comfortable.

First, take your pet to a veterinarian and get a certificate of health. You can prove that the pet is current on all of the shots and you may want to get a microchip installed below their skin so that you can track them if they get lose. The chip is very important if you are traveling out of the state. In addition, you can bring your pet’s medication with you when you take it to the vet. They will give you enough meds for you to get through the entire trip. In addition, you might want to have more just in case they are lost of stolen.

Make sure that you make the reservations at the hotel in advance also ensure that you ask them if pets are allowed. There are many people, who just assume that the hotel is pet-friendly, but you will want to find out before hand or you may need to rush out and find a place for the hand. Your pet should also put a collar with tags on the animal at all times. You will also want to place your rabies tag and other tags like the dog’s name and your information.

For making those short trips by vehicle, you have various options to choose from. Some large dogs that are typically put on the back of a truck can still be stationed there safely with a manufactured harness built especially for keeping them safe in the back box of a truck while the vehicle is in motion. For smaller animals such as smaller dogs or cats, there are seat belts that can be adapted for the inside of your vehicle in order to keep them stationary and safe.

If you have a pet that does not stay stationary during travel or might harm themselves or others around them if being secured, you may want to invest in a carrier. By using a carrier they are free to relax inside during their short venture and are still able to see what is happening around them without posing a threat in a moving vehicle. There are many styles and sizes of carriers to choose from, so you have many options when it comes to color, design or even ease of mobility. Check out chewy for lots of carriers click here

For those larger trips in some countries, there are pet transportation services. There are companies that will do all the necessary work in order to prepare and transport your pet safely and efficiently to their destination. This type of company can be helpful if you have never transported a pet before and are unaware of the regulations for air or train travel for a live animal. They will have completed everything for you so you can relax knowing that your pet is in good hands and will see you at your final destination.

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Our experts recently published a resource guide that includes the state importation regulations for the most common household pets. We created a state-by-state interactive map that allows pet owners to easily view the specific veterinary health certificates, permits, and vaccinations that are required to move their pet to a new state. Failing to meet these requirements could result in a fine or other penalties, and could potentially put one’s pet at risk when traveling or moving to a new state. click here to view

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 The guides listed below are intended for individuals and families interested in becoming a pet owner, either through adoption or from a breeder. It includes chapters on the cost of owning a pet, from typical everyday cost to emergency medical care. You can click on them below.

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