Love Or Be Loved: Which Animal Is Actually You?

Love Or Be Loved: Which Animal Is Actually You?

Have you ever wondered what animal you are most like? Well, look no further, because we’re going to teach you how to tell.

Each individual has a unique set of animal personality traits that makes them special. If you’re curious about which animal you are, use our “What Animal Am I” test below to decide which one you resemble the most!


1. Fox


Are you:

  • Smart and always on the go?
  • Up-to-date with all the trends and new gossip?
  • Independent?

If yes, you’re a fox in a human’s skin! Foxes are always aware of their surroundings and are the ones to go-to for the latest news. Sadly, many foxes get told off for being sly-but it’s not your fault you’re more in touch with all your circles than the other animals. Foxes belong in the office wearing a power suit, ready to take on the world.

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2. Swan


Are you:

  • Caring?
  • Supportive of your friends?
  • Flexible and versatile with an ability to maintain your grace in every environment?

Swans are sensitive yet powerful; they stun everyone with their impressive patience and high levels of tolerance. Swans are extremely caring and receptive to their environment. They can pick up on slight changes and dislike conflict and fights. Swans often take up career paths involving social causes, art, and music.


3. Wolf


Are you:

  • Nurturing?
  • Loyal?
  • Have a flair for understanding other’s emotions?

If yes, you’re a wolf! Wolves are proud leaders who know how to be humble at the same time. They are down to earth and not afraid to work side by side with their teammates, while still maintaining a leadership position. Wolves don’t have it easy, but they always pull through with some help from their loved ones, and, if anyone ever needs them, you bet they’ll be there!


4. Horse


Are you:

  • Enthusiastic?
  • Warm?
  • Devoted to your community, friends, and family?

Horses are warm and gentle. They crave freedom, and love physical exertion, particularly through running. They also require constant validation and encouragement from the people they place their trust in, while also being sensitive towards criticism. They may come across as stubborn, but they are also usually correct about their argument and will do anything to win it.


5. Dolphin


Are you:

  • Loving?
  • Playful and fun?
  • Enthusiastic?

If yes, then you qualify as a dolphin! Dolphins are extremely friendly and love to help people. They also enjoy going out and are amongst the warmest people in the crowd. However, dolphins also have a tendency to get bored easily and may harbor a lot of unrealistic expectations, particularly from themselves, as well as their friends or partner.


6. Otter


Are you:

  • Dedicated?
  • Attracted to adventure?
  • Inspiring?

Otters are extremely energetic and fun, but also have a calmer side. They make for excellent friends and display dedication and loyalty regardless of the situation, but they will only do this for people they genuinely care about. They are also very selective when it comes to making friends, and can sometimes have a hard time believing in themselves.


7. Owl


Are you:

  • Fond of the night time?
  • Laidback?
  • Independent?

Owls are naturally curious and enjoy exploring situations and people. They are also noted for their philosophical nature, and ability to deliver wisdom and helpful advice whenever approached. Owls enjoy educating themselves, and also flaunt a rebellious streak. They can sometimes be suspicious without good reason, but make up for it with their ability to create magical moments and excursions for themselves and their friends to enjoy.


8. Snake


Are you:

  • The owner of particularly thick skin that makes you resistant towards criticism?
  • Confident in your own being?
  • More of an introvert than an extrovert?

Snakes are another animal (or reptile, rather) that get a lot of hate from people, but it’s only because they’re misunderstood by the masses. Snakes are extremely confident in their own being and aren’t afraid to tell it like it is. They are intelligent and have a way with words. However, snakes can also sometimes come across as insensitive, which makes it harder for them to get along with certain personalities.


9. Cat


Are you:

  • Fun?
  • Good at resolving conflicts?
  • Confident?

If so, you’re a cat! Cats have the ability to help others resolve internal conflicts. They are emotionally stable, as opposed to more volatile animals. Cats enjoy their alone-time and need plenty of personal space. They are also great listeners.


10. Lion


Are you:

  • Enthusiastic?
  • Fair and just?
  • Committed to your loved ones?

Lions are courageous and brave-hearted. They are enthusiastic and have a love for life, which often channels out through their action. Lions can sometimes be controlling and stubborn, but also have notable leadership qualities.


11. Hippos


Are you:

  • Emotionally stable?
  • Strong-willed?
  • Good at handling criticism?

Hippos are emotionally stable, and can also be stubborn at times. They may have trouble understanding the emotions of others but do well in practical situations. Once a hippo sets their mind on something, nothing can stop them from achieving it.


There are many animals in the jungle, and each one of them brings something different to the table. The jungle isn’t complete until every personality is present, which allows the circle of life to continue and flourish.




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