Love Dogs? What It Takes To Become a Professional Dog Walker

Dog walkers seemingly have a dream job. They get to spend time with dogs and get paid while they are at it! It’s arguably the best job in the world.

Many people would perhaps want to be professional dog walkers but don’t know where to start. The main goal of taking a dog for a walk is to ensure they get their daily dose of exercise and have fun interacting with other dogs and humans. However, several things make a great dog walker.

Here are some of them:



Dog walking insurance covers the risks involved in dog walking. There are various types of insurance recommended and dog walking insurance describes them all. Here’s some of them.

  •  Public liability- This policy covers other people in case your dog injures them while walking. Some canines are aggressive and might bite others. This will cover all the claim costs made by the injured person.
  • Care, custody and control policy- This policy takes care of the dog in case it gets injured or killed while walking.



Dog walkers should be knowledgeable about things like dog grooming and first aid. These skills come as bonuses, especially in the event of an accident. Dog walkers also need to carry extra poop bags in case the owner forgets to leave one behind.



A good dog walker takes time to ensure that every pet they are caring of gets adequate exercise. They need to be an expert in time management to ensure that the pets they take for walks are returned in good time to have quality moments with their owners. What’s more, they are not put off by bad weather like rain, snow, or sleet. To be healthy, a dog needs daily walks.



A good dog walker takes time to read through the pet’s details before the walk. Dog owners have written notes on the health and general condition of their pets. This helps in preventing overstressing the animal that might be sick or having unique conditions like pregnancy. For instance, some dogs need crating after a walk. Missing such details can mean that the dog will end up tearing shoes or clothes.

The walker should also leave a friendly note for the owner after the walk. Dog owners usually love to get updates on their pets. Taking photos and sharing them on messaging apps is a great way to keep pet parents informed.


Obtaining a License

Your credibility will become solid with clients if you obtain a license. Any additional training on pet management and training will help you get additional points when trying to secure a new gig.


Knowledge of the Neighborhood

You must know the laws that govern dog walkers in your city or town. In some cities, dog walking insurance is a mandatory requirement. Such requirements must be taken seriously. You should also know your local landscape well. This will enable you to avoid wasting time trying to find dog parks and other suitable trails to walk your canines.


Good Rapport with Clientele

Dog owners have many expectations from the person that takes their pets for a walk. A good dog walker knows how to manage unreasonable requests without looking or feeling offended. You must, therefore, know how to negotiate and persuade your clients amicably.


Love and Understanding Dogs

You must have a passion for the animal you take care of and know the issues concerning them. This will help you interpret their behavior and act accordingly. For instance, what do you do if a dog is in heat or sick? You should also know the dog breeds you can tag along during a walk without harsh fights.


Physical Fitness

You must be healthy and have the stamina to keep up with energetic canines. A dog walker can have as many as six dogs to take for a walk. This requires a lot of energy to tag them along. Age is also an important consideration. Some seniors have sustained serious injuries while taking their dogs for walks. That’s because they don’t have enough energy to tag the dogs along. Avoid this profession if your age is advanced or if you have back problems.

Becoming a dog walker requires the investment of time, energy, and the right personality. In addition to having dog walking insurance, you should pay attention to the needs of the pet and its owner. You also need certification to avoid infringing the local laws on dog walking.






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