Love And Kisses Pet Sitter Heather Saves The Day!!

Dolly on her walk

Dolly enjoys her daily walks with Love and Kisses Pet Sitter Heather

Love And Kisses Pet Sitter Heather Saves The Day!!

Love And Kisses Pet Sitter Heather Saves The Day!! Today marked one of those day where I know we truly have pet professionals working for Love and Kisses Pet Sitting.  I had a call from my pet sitter Heather.  She visits our little client Dolly Monday through Friday every week.  She loves little Dolly and she has become close to her.  Our clients love their sitter as all our clients come to love all our sitters.  Heather call me to tell that Dolly just did not seem right at her visit today so she called the client to tell her what was going (read her words below).  Heather stepped in and handled this situation with true professionalism and our clients were so happy they had hired Love and Kisses Pet Sitting and to have this professional caring for their precious fur baby.  Heather knew that Dolly just was not right and she did an awesome job handling it from start to finish.

Here is Heather’s Story (in her words) of her day today with Dolly


Dolly taking time to smell the roses

I take care of Dolly, a Jack Russell Terrier on a daily basis. I received a text first thing Monday morning from Dolly’s mom informing me she had a reaction to her shots that were administered to her on Saturday, to please watch her carefully. While walking Dolly, I noticed she was panting heavily and shaking. It was not hot today during our visit, around 70 degrees, I started to become worried because of her mom’s text. I take her inside and try to get her to calm down and cool off. I got in contact with her parents and informed them how she was doing. Her mom said she would call the Pressly Animal Hospital as that is where she takes her.  Just after leaving the visit her mom contacted me saying she needed me to get her to the vet ASAP as she was an hour away could not get home in time to get her to the veterinary office.  I told her of course I would because I feel like she is one of my own pets. I drove Dolly to the veterinary office, talking to her and telling her everything was going to be alright and that her mommy would meet us at the vet’s office.  When I arrived at Pressly Animal Hospital with Doly, they drew blood, check temperature etc. Her blood is thick and dark, which is a sign of kidney problems. They immediately start her on iv fluids after talking to her mom on the phone. Poor Dolly!! She will be on iv fluids for the next two days. The vet said I got there just in time because much longer and it could have been much worse. I will be in touch with her mom throughout the night and tomorrow. Hopefully Dolly will be okay.

Please always pay attention to your pet’s behavior and take them to the vet if you suspect anything could be wrong, it is always better safe than sorry!

This is one of the reasons I always say, make sure you are hiring a professional pet sitter to come and care for your pets.  They get to know your pets and they know what to look for when things just seem right.  Call Love and Kisses Pet Sitting for all you pet sitting and dog walking needs.  We have true professional pet sitters on our team.  Each and every one of them truly love what they do and you can see the difference in your pets when you return home.

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