Litter Box Cleaning With a Little Less Pain

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Litter Box Cleaning With a Little Less Pain

Cleaning your cat’s litter box is never the most fantastic or glamorous part of your week, but for feline fiends everywhere it is a necessary evil. Just as much as you hate the smell, your cat does too, but also, there can be dangers involved, so be cautious and thorough to avoid infection and disease. Those who are pregnant may need to look into having another person do the job for them while they are with child. Such as hiring a pet sitter (Love and Kisses Pet Sitting)

Here are a few helpful hints and tips on how to get the job done safely and with as little pain as possible.

So how often exactly should you be using that “pooper scooper,” and how often should the litter be changed? Along with a mask and a pair of rubber gloves, scoop feces or clumped urine at least once a day. Not only does this keep your home from smelling like ‘kitty litter korner,’ it helps to prevent the spread of diseases that can be caught from handling your pet’s waste materials.

Be sure you are cleaning your cat’s litter box at least once per week, with soap (dish detergent will work just fine), warm water and a sponge. Dump that old kitty litter into a plastic or trash bag, being sure to use those gloves. If you are fortunate enough that Tiger doesn’t mind a liner, just pull the whole thing out and dump it into the bag. My trick for making sure nothing gets on the floor? Set the bag down, roll back the top a bit, like rolling up your pants so they won’t get wet in a puddle, and place the litter box all the way inside the bag before removing the liner, or dumping, if Mrs. Winkles is a liner-free lady. Wearing a mask is important at this point, because litter dust will waft back up and can be harmful. Put the bag in the outside garbage immediately.

My final tip, pick 4 great songs that you love and play them while you are completing this task. 1. while dumping the old litter 2. while taking it to the garbage 3. while washing the litter box, and 4. while adding fresh litter, washing your hands thoroughly, and giving you feline family member a pet and a kiss.

If you need a pet sitter to help you with these chores call Love and Kisses Pet Sitting, we can get the job done.  Call for more information 704-763-9857

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