Keeping Your Pets Cool In The Summer Months 


How to keep your pets cool In the summer months, even if you reside up north, the likelihood of heat waves is still possible. You may move outside on some days and feels that the weather is not all that bad, but give some thought to your dog for a second. With their coat for additional protection, what appears seasonably warm to you might be too hot for them. As a result, it is crucial during summer months, particularly in times of severe heat, to ensure that your dog always stays cool and fresh.
Unlike human, dogs don’t sweat and aside from being unable to sweat, your dog body is all covered in fur. Ensuring your dog feels cool and vibrant during the summer may help extend the life of your dog. Hence, it is essential to understand how to keep your dog comfortable when the temperature begins to rise.

Keeping Your Pets Cool

Understand The Ways Dogs Cool Down

Generally, dogs cool down through panting. However, this is not the most ideal method to cool down. Panting works when air goes over the dog’s saliva and being cooled by it before getting into the dog’s body. On the contrary, if the temperature outside the dog’s body is warmer than its normal body temperature, then it will be unlikely that panting will be able to do much in cooling the dog.
There is another technique through which the dogs cool down. Dogs have an involuntary reaction to heat whereby the blood vessels in the face, ears, head and feet contract, limiting the flow of blood to those spots thereby cooling him or her.
Sufficient Shade
If your dog lives outside, ensure that you protect him or her from the hot temperature of the sun by providing him or her sufficient shade. As the sun advances across the sky the shade also moves, this means that there might not be any shade during noon when the sun is at the peak. For this reason, always make sure there is a shade for your dog all through the day to keep your pets cool.

Fresh Water Supply
Drinkable water is a means through which dogs can cool themselves; so be sure that your dog has sufficient supply of fresh water.
It is not adequate though to just provide water in a big bowl. . Under the hot sun, a water bowl may get hot rapidly. Think about getting a water container with a hose connection that replenishes the water and maintains a fresh supply that will be cooler than the standing water.
Dogs may even turn over their bowls of water leaving them without water all through the day. This could be an extremely dangerous situation. Ensure that you get your dog a bowl that cannot be easily turned over.
Cut down Fatty Foods
Fatty food keep dogs insulated throughout the cooler months. In the summer however, dogs do not require the added warmth therefore it is better to feed them with low fat dog foods to ensure they enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Lean dogs will feel lighter in weight and much cooler without the layers of fat. Nevertheless, it is best to consult with the vet first before any modification to your dog’s diet.




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