Top 6 Ways To Keep Your Dog Healthy And Happy In The New Year

Top 6 Ways To Keep Your Dog Healthy And Happy In The New Year 

A new year is an ideal time when you can set new goals for you as well as your pets. Below we have mentioned a few guidelines on how to keep your dog happy and healthy in the New Year.

1. Make it a point to go for a ride with your dog. Dogs are social creatures and love to travel along with their owners. However, always ensure the

Keep Your Dog Healthy And Happy

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safety of your dog while traveling and also buy a special bed for him which is designed for vehicle transportation.

2. Invest your free time to play and exercise with your dog as much as you can. For instance, you may even go to the local park and play some Frisbee with him. Your dog will simply love it and also will get plenty of exercises. It will be a recreation for both you as well as your dog. Apart from this, you can also have a stroll together. Dogs love to go on walks.  If you don’t have the time or work long hours, call in a professional dog walker a few days a week to come over and walk your dog.

3. Always keep sufficient fresh water ready for your canine in case he becomes thirsty. However, do not forget to change the water every day. Very important for dogs to have fresh clean water available at all times.

4. It is imperative to get your pet checked by a vet regularly especially if he develops certain symptoms such as drinking a lot of water, losing interest in food and also suffering from lack of stamina. Visit your vet at least once every six months so that your canine is able to remain happy and healthy.

5. Ensure the safety of your dog. This would be possible with the help of an identification tag which will be snapped on its collar and you may also make use of a microchip which will help to locate him in case he is lost.  All dogs need to have proper ID on them at all times.  You just never know if your dog should get lost.

6. Often we are not aware of the fact that dogs require consuming lesser amount of calories in order to stay healthy. Of course, this will depend on the dog’s age as well as activity level. Try to avoid providing sweets to your canine so as to reduce the number of calories. As a matter of fact, desserts like chocolates can do harm to the dogs. Also take care to brush its teeth regularly because this will help to prevent any loss of tooth or gum disease. Furthermore, it will also aid to increase the dog’s lifespan.

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