How To Keep Your Dog Calm

How To Keep Your Dog Calm

Sometimes due to various reasons a dog can get very jumpy and restless. This may leave the owner or even the pet sitter feeling a bit frustrated, especially if the pet sitter is staying overnight and needs  rest, and the dog will not let them. There are efficient ways in which to keep your dog calm and collected. Some of the 5 ways to keep your dog calm are discussed below:

1. Make the dog’s bed or resting area as attractive as a magnet
A dog will do whatever works to get what they need, choosing the easiest way to do so. Being restless is one way that a dog will get what they need, so a thin blanket on a hard and cold floor will not help alleviate its stress. As an owner or a sitter, ensure the dog’s resting area is as comfortable as you can make it. Send the pet a subtle message that dogs that rest well are rewarded with a good place. The key is to make the bed and the dog like iron to a magnet.

How To Keep Your Dog Calm

2. Be calm and let the dog feel safe
When around your dog, avoid being jumpy and unassured. Jumpiness will also startle the dog, and they might react the very same way that you react to the world around. Engage in activities that will make your dog feel safe like patting them, doing yoga with them or rubbing their neck or stomach.

3. Exercise
This may seem counterproductive at first glance, but it works wonders. Have a steady exercise regime for your dog, mornings are best. Such that when the time for rest comes, they will be able to rest and rejuvenate. Not only do physical exercises work, but also mental exercises work pretty well to make the dog tired enough to rest.

4. Good behavior treats
This is definitely bound to work. Ensure that you give your dog treats whenever they are calm and composed. This is a direct way to train your Dog Walking in Indian Trail NCdog about discipline and is guaranteed to calm the dog down.

5. Good dog diet
Ensure that you feed your dog on good food that will give them the right type of energy. Read the ingredients on the kibble that they feed on and ensure that it is safe and healthy for your dog. Avoid foods that will make your dog unnecessarily jumpy.

In conclusion
Ensure that you take your dog to a behavioral specialist if after doing all these your dog is still easily startled while at rest, or they respond aggressively when you try to approach them. They may be having deeper psychological issues that need to be addressed, otherwise, the 5 ways to keep your dog calm tips should help.

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