How to Keep Your Cat From Destroying Your Christmas Tree


How to Keep Your Cat From Destroying Your Christmas Tree

For many pet owners, it is a known fact that cats and Christmas trees don’t mix. Their natural curiosity makes it hard for them to resist the ornaments and decorations as playthings. However, many items used to decorate trees are hazardous for cats, and nobody wants a toppled tree in any case. Following a few helpful hints will keep everyone happy this holiday season.

Hold Off on Decorating to Do Some Training

Training your cat to stay away from the tree before it has any decorations can prove most effective. Should you choose this method, a spray bottle will be your most effective tool. When you set the tree up, give you cat and chance to sniff it and satisfy their curiosity. However, if they seem interested in climbing the tree or otherwise unsettling it, a squirt and saying “No!” very firmly should serve as a deterrent.

Repel Your Cat – Naturally

Sometimes the best way to keep a cat away from a Christmas tree is to make it smell bad from the cat’s perspective. Some examples of repellents for cats include:

  • Apple cider vinegar, another safe substance with a smell that cats do not enjoy. It also naturally repels bugs.
  • Orange peel used near the base of the tree works well. Also, consider a homemade spray that uses a little bit of orange juice.
  • Cat repellent spray, which only has a noticeable odor to cats. These sprays are usually found in pet shops.

Anchor the Tree Properly

A tree that’s well-anchored is less likely to cause a mess if your cat gets overly curious. All trees, even artificial ones should have a firm base with a skirt that covers any unsightly or electrical parts. Also, consider anchoring the tree to the ceiling or wall in addition to having a base.

Keep the Cat Out While Decorating

The kitty will very likely see decorating the tree as a type of game with lots of toys to swat at. Discourage everyone from using ornaments to tease the feline. If possible, close a door to keep the cat out until everything is safely decorated.

Keep the Ornaments Less Cat-Attractive

Many Christmas ornaments with glitter and shiny parts attract cats’ attention. Keeping your selections a little simpler can attract less attention. Twist the wire hanger around the tree branch instead of letting it dangle for less enticement. Other ornament suggestions include:

  • Avoiding catnip-stuffed ornaments, no matter how cute. Remember, the idea is to keep the cat out of the tree.
  • Using plastic or other shatter-proof ornaments. Cats might be inclined to taste or play with glass shards.
  • Hanging felt ornaments that offer a lot of choices and are less enticing to cats.

Cats and Christmas trees can coexist very nicely. You simply need to consider what is most likely to attract his or her attention and take precautions. You’ll both enjoy a happier holiday season.



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  1. Leo Lee

    Christmas tree is always destroyed by my precious little kids (my cats). But I found a wonderful product that’s actually working and has kept my kiddos out of the tree. It’s called the Christmas Tree Defender and I bought it at


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