It’s Summertime Grab Your Dog and Let’s Go Outside and Have Some Fun

A dog loves the sun. Your dog will have a blast during the summertime. I admire the intense energy a dog encompasses on a daily. A puppy likes to play nonstop. There are several different things you can do with your dog this summer. Love and Kisses Pet Sitting encourages you to go outside with your pet and have a ball.

What to do with your dog?

Some things you can do is go on a walking tour of your city. This allows the dog to have a new sense of scenery. Tourists will look at your dog in awe as your walk or run by them. Swimming is one of the number one forms of exercise recommended. You can spend a whole day swimming or exploring a beach or lake. Dogs tend to love the water, especially in the heat. Their thick coat of hair keeps them warm but sometimes too warm. Water is a dog’s best friend. It is essential to make sure you bring your dog to a dog-friendly area. A life vest is a great security blanket to ensure safe playing. Bike rides are fun for both you and your pet. It can be a little difficult riding your bike with your dog on the leash, but many people make it doable. Bike trails are fun but must be dog-friendly. Another alternative is running or jogging together. This can tire your dog out with a long distance run. You must consider your puppy’s health before doing so to ensure safety and enjoyable play. The temperature outside is a telltale sign. With appropriate temperatures, you can bring fresh, cold water and treats. An off-leash dog park is fun for those dogs who pull too hard on a leash. If you have the chance, you can take on an agility class or obedience training class. Your dog can learn new tricks to show your loved ones at home.

Where to go with your dog?

Camping with your dog requires a lot of preparation. Appropriate preparation calls for safety precautions to ensure your dog’s utmost safety and security. A fun outdoor adventure awaits. Dog camping is always fun especially if there is a cold lake nearby. It is also a great location to take pictures of you and your dog. Cherish every moment in a photograph. We encourage you to take pictures and tag us on Facebook. Love and Kisses Pet Sitting loves to see you happy with your happy, furry friends. If you choose to bring your animal to the camping ground, make sure they have a comfy place to sleep at night. Also, before bringing your pet, ensure there will be no other pets that will have any confliction. Dogs love to follow scents of other animals. There are lots of these located around the forest and lake. Do make sure your pet does not roam around out of your sight. Keep a close eye on your pet at all times. We do not want to see your dog on a missing dog sign ever. Please take care of your pets and have a great time doing so.

Go Get Some Toys

You can stock up on toys for your pet as well. There are several pet-friendly stores around the corner you can visit. I know my dogs love going for a car ride. How does your dog like it? If you never experienced one, I advise you to do so! It is a fun activity with your pet. My dogs stick their heads out the window and smell the fresh air. Nothing beats a happy dog. Drive around the neighborhood slowly and make sure your pet has enough room to sit. Have a great time this summer and stay relaxed and comfortable.



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