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Is Your Dog Jumping into your suitcase when you travel?  As a pet owner, I know all too well how pets can make us feel when we pack our bags to go on vacation.  They lay on the floor and look up at you with those sad eyes.  They know you are getting ready to go away and they see you packing your suitcases.  You keep talking to them and telling they “I will be back soon”  They really lay a guilt trip on you.

I have a friend who was packing her bags to go on vacation and her dog actually jumped into her suitcase.  YES, crawled in and curled up in a ball thinking that maybe she would take the dog with her.  Ann is the one who inspired me to write this blog.  See the picture of her dog  in her suitcase as she was packing.  I asked her if I could use this picture to show you all.



As a pet sitter, I am here to tell you that when you leave your dog may be a bit upset, however, when we go to care for you dog he/she is so happy and content.  Your pet is happy to know that we are going to take them for a nice long walk, feed them and play with them.  Your dog is not upset.  I see these pets everyday and I can tell you that I think they just do it to make you want to take them.  My dogs do the same thing when I leave.  My neighbor cares for them and she tells me that they are the same happy dogs as if I am there with them.

So, if you think your poor little pooch is just lying there crying, they are NOT!!!  As a pet sitter I come across a lot of dogs all the time and when the owner leaves  the dog is just running and playing ball and is a happy little camper.  We know that our job is to make it fun for your pet and to got all the nervous energy out of them.  Some dogs love that and some just want to go out to relieve themselves and come back in a relax with the pet sitter and get some love and kisses.

So, the reason I am writing this story is to put your minds at ease and let you know that your pets are in good hands when they are with Love and Kisses Pet Sitting.  We know you want updates and we are more than happy to text you send you pictures of your pets having fun.  We love what we do!!!



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