Is Pumpkin Good For My Dog? Indian Trail Pet Sitter Explains


Pumpkin for your dog Indian Trail Pet Sitter Explains 

If you have a dog  with a sensitive stomach who frequently has diarrhea, What IS recommended is plain pumpkin puree with nothing added. .

How it works: The soluble fiber in pumpkin slows digestion, which is beneficial in the management of diarrhea. And, since it absorbs water, it “bulks” up the stool, helping to control the loose, watery stools characteristic of diarrhea.

It’s as easy as mixing pumpkin in with dry dog food at meal time, and a hell of a lot cheaper than a trip to the vet! (I use about 1/4 cup pumpkin to 4 cups dry food. The ratio will depend on your dog’s size and amount of food consumed.)

Pureed or canned pumpkin can help dogs  with stomach issues including both constipation and diarrhea. Pumpkin absorbs the excess water present in the stool, yet can also soften hard stools. It’s quite remarkable how fresh pumpkin (cooked and mashed or 100% natural canned and pureed – NOT pie filling) can work wonders for both the occasional bout of diarrhea, or for the opposite, constipation in dogs. It has been reported that it firms up a dog’s loose stools or diarrhea within a few hours. How much pumpkin should you give it? It depends on the size of the dog, but as a rule of thumb, a couple of teaspoons daily for a small dog or a couple of tablespoons for a large dog. You may have to disguise it in your dog’s favorite food.  Just add a half to two teaspoons of pumpkin (depending upon the size of your dog) to your dog’s food to boost fiber and aid in digestion. So there you have it, dogs love it and it is something healthy that will help your pet.  Again I give my 3 dogs one tablespoon with their meal two times a day.

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