Is it Safe for My Dog To Eat Turkey

Is it Safe for My Dog To Eat Turkey

Dog eat turkey When it comes to feeding table scraps to a dog, there are many different opinions about what is safe and what is not. Responsible pet owners should always exercise caution when feeding human food to their pet, but some foods are safe to feed to a dog.  As far as turkey goes, it is important to use moderation and be conscious of what part of the bird the dog is eating.

What food to avoid

Regardless of what type of table scraps a dog is eating, it is important to avoid foods that are overly high in fat. The digestive system of a dog is simply not equipped to handle foods that have lots of fat in them. Also, fatty foods can lead to excessive weight gain that can cause its set of problems down the road.

Major Issues

One of the major issues is that the skin is very high in fat, which makes it tough for a dog to digest safely. There also evidence that eating turkey can cause fatal pancreatic inflammation in dogs. If someone does decide to allow their dog to eat a small amount of turkey, they should make sure that all of the skin is removed before giving it to the dog.

How much is safe

It is safe for a dog to be fed cooked turkey meat in moderation. However, if a dog develops a taste for turkey, it is a much more reliable idea to give them turkey-flavored products that are intended for consumption by dogs. In any pet store, there are many options for things such as treats and bones that have the flavor of turkey without the dangerous side effects.

How about the bone

It may seem unlikely, but if there is one part of the bird that should be kept away from the dog at all costs, it is the bone. Turkey and chicken bones splinter very easily, and the pieces can be stuck in the intestines, causing many complicated and dangerous health issues. After serving a turkey, it is important to immediately put the bones in a tightly closed, dog proof garbage can.

The dangers

Whenever a dog owner decides to give their dog table scraps, they need to be aware of the fat content and make sure that there will be no dangerous repercussions for the dog. In moderation, it is okay for a dog to have small amounts of cooked turkey, but they should never be allowed to have the bones. Letting a dog chew on the bones or letting them eat the skin could lead to unnecessary and dangerous health problems.




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