Is It Alright For My Dog To Eat Table Scraps?

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Is It Alright For My Dog To Eat Table Scraps?

The primary reason why it is not alright for your dog to eat lots of scraps from the table is that food eaten by humans is generally not good for dogs. This is because dogs have different nutritional requirements that are different from humans, and specific dog food is manufacture or prepared to provide that requirement. You may consult with your vet to know the kind of food and quantity you should feed your dog.
Nowadays, one of the most common ailments that dogs suffer from is obesity. This problem is more common among dogs that eat lots of table scraps. If for instance, you have a piece of steak for your meal and you wish to give your dog a morsel. It is more likely that you are going to give your dog the fatty piece, forgetting that a diet high in fat is not good for your dog’s health as it may lead to overweight. A dog that is overweight will be at a higher risk of developing other health problems in the future.

Dog owners should be careful of what they feed their dogs as some food may pose direct health risk to your dog.
If your dog must enjoy good health, then you must endeavor to feed your pet a balanced and varied diet that meets all the nutritional requirements. If your dog’s diet is mainly made up of table scraps, your pet will be more susceptible to suffer from digestive disorder. Even if the food is not known to be toxic to dogs, allowing your dog to eat lots of fatty foods and table scraps can cause it to vomit, or have diarrhea and other unpleasant conditions.

Another important thing to note is for instance, when you constantly feed your dog with chicken scrap which may not be harmful to your dog, your dog may probably come to prefer such scraps to its own food.
Another issue associated with feeding your dog with table scraps is the effect it will have on its behavioral pattern. If you encourage the practice of your dog eating table scraps, you will be encouraging your dog to beg. If you continue with this habit, then your dog will form the habit of begging very quickly. And this may continue every time you are eating at the table or you have guests to entertain, which could be embarrassing to your guests.
When your dog starts feeding on human food, your pet will think that is the food it is supposed to be eating.

There is also the possibility that your dog will start searching through garbage for any scraps to satisfy its desire. There is no doubt that you would not like your dog to have this kind of behavior, and so should not encourage it in the first place, since there are other items in the garbage that could harm your dog.
As a dog owner, try and resist the urge to feed your dog from the table in order to discourage begging and developing bad behavior. If you have any reason to feed your dog with leftover food, ensure your pet eats the food in its normal eating place and not by your table.






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