Tips on How to Introduce Cats and Dogs to Each Other

Tips on How to Introduce Cats and Dogs to Each Other

Cats and Dogs are considered human closest friends and favorite pets. However, there is an obvious bad blood between both of them. It is always important that when you decide to keep the two in your home, to cautiously follow a procedural first time meeting manual. This will help them learn to accommodate each other and have an easy time thereafter.

Here is a step to step procedure on how to introduce cats and dogs to each other:

The first meeting should be as friendly as possible as it will determine the life after. It is more threatening for the resident pet to feel that its territory is been evaded and be aggressive. In case one of them shows any signs of been aggressive or fearful, find it good to stage the meeting once again

Cats and Dogs

another day. It is known and very normal that the dog wants to play and chase the cat which becomes defensive and may, in turn, put up a fight. If your dog has a strong prey drive, he might become very focused on the cat. (A prey drive is the inclination to seek out, chase and potentially capture animals seen as prey — usually smaller animals such as cats or rabbits.) He’ll stiffen, stare, glare, and may start barking or whining. If you see these signs, do not let the cat and dog get close to one another (yet). It’s OK if the dog pays attention to the cat, but you don’t want to see him fixated on her.

Introduce Cats and Dogs to Each Other

If you currently own a cat and wish to bring in a dog, then the best place for them to meet is at home. Meeting in any other establishments is a bad idea. For the resident dog and a new cat, it is important that you get some advice from the adoption counselors. Knowing how the dog will react at home by first visiting friends who own cats is welcome and can be used as a test. Finally when you have to bring in the kitty, look out for one that has previously lived with a dog before as it can be much easy for both.

Giving the animals a chance to investigate on each other scent is a gateway to knowing each other and should be allowed to happen. Each of them is allowed to have a day of freedom. This is achieved by allowing the cat into the dog territory and vice versa. Putting the dog in a separate room or allow the cat get the time to roam the area and learn about the dog. Do not make any mistake to imagine of leaving both of them together unattended for a single minute. Wait for them to show signs of calm and then you can confidently go to the next step.

Cats and DogsYou can now leash the dog and bring the two together in the same room. Keep doing this until the two can be able to see eye to eye while maintaining their calm. If the two cannot stand each other at this stage, it will prompt you to keep them apart as they learn each other’s scent. A sign of happiness shows that you can arrange regular meetings for both. This however does not mean that you can entirely leave them together especially when no one is home. A period of on a month or so will be appropriate for meetings while under supervision.

At this moment, you can confidently allow the two to have unsupervised interaction. You can also leave them unattended. This will be an indication that both can put up with each other without fear or aggressiveness. The dream you had of having both of your best pets living with you in peace under one roof can be achieved if you follow the above steps.

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